Kegs and Eggs vs. Fountain Day: One giant UAlbany fail.

“Fountain day 2011 cancelled.”

So read the tweet from the Albany Student Press that set in motion a social media response that will only add to the frustration felt by the University at Albany.

The move, already speculated due to necessary repairs and budget concerns, was now blamed on the Kegs and Eggs rioters by President George Philip in an e-mail sent to students shortly after the ASP breaking news.

Not cool, bro.

Within an hour numerous groups and events circulated Facebook to organize new festivities and protests.

Fountain Day, much like Kegs and Eggs as we knew it, is a historic spring ritual at the university that was originally an unofficial and student organized excuse to celebrate (some drunk) during the day. Times changed and eventually the university made it official as a “school spirit” event showered with purple and gold.

The infamous Fountain Day 2004. (photo by Ryan Sutton)

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