Quality events for tonight: Deadmau5 After-party & The Red Lions

Tonight at Fuze Box is the Deadmau5 after party with myself, Looney, DJ NV & Truemastr.

I’m sure some people aren’t inclined to pay an absurd amount of money to go stand in the armory with a million bros profusely sweating just to hear some “serious bangers”, so come a half a block down and enjoy some lovely tracks by DJs that don’t need a mask or a number in their name to get you moving.

Here’s the fbook event for the rest of the details.

Also, if you don’t only listen to bleepy-bloops, I’d strongly recommend you head over to The Attic (289 Delaware) before Fuze and catch The Red Lions with The Fling and Rosary Beard. More details on the fbook event.