Review: Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady


In a recent video, Anthony Fantano (a.k.a theneedledrop) addressed the question regarding music and image. While music and image have always gone together to some degree, it is pretty much agreeable that if the image eclipses the art, then the music will have a short lived shelf life. There have been musicians who have let their antics outshine their talent (i.e. Kanye West), as well as those who strictly live for the spotlight (ummm…Miley Cyrus?). However, in the midst of all the pandemonium, there are artists that use their music, along with a strong visual concept, to weave together a memorable narrative.

Janelle Monae, with the release of The Electric Lady, continues to expand upon the eccentricity displayed on The ArchAndroid. The result is one of the most ambitious R&B/pop albums this year, one that mixes rock, soul, funk and dance fusion all together for something truly grandiose.

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