KC’s Music Monday: Captain Murphy


That’s what Flying Lotus tweeted following the reveal that he in fact has been the man behind the elusive moniker Captain Murphy during a performance with Earl Sweatshirt this past Wednesday. The brilliant bastard.

For some backstory: back in July, a collaboration between Flying Lotus and Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt came out, called “Between Friends,” and featured a then-new-to-the-scene Captain Murphy, who was portrayed as a cartoon rap villain thought to maybe be the formerly-elusive Tyler, The Creator, among other speculations.

Two weeks ago, Captain Murphy put out a 35-minute mix tape, called Duality, which features production from well-known players TNGHT, Flying Lotus, Madlib and Just Blaze that got quite the hype in the time following.

Last Wednesday, in Los Angeles, a local mystery rapper (Captain Murphy)announced he’d be playing alongside Earl Sweatshirt at Low End Theory and people got so excited that at the venue, a line formed hours before doors began. I’m sure the whole thing was a mad scene to witness. During the end of the performance, Captain Murphy, wearing a sequined gold cape and a ski mask, said, “Just between us,” revealing his identity. Straight grinning and advising the audience to “tell no one.” You can watch some live footage here.

The Duality mix tape was originally released as one long .mp3 but now courtesy of DatPiff, you can download the original mix into 16 tracks, with artwork, instrumentals and bonus tracks.

Download it. And listen to it.

That is all.

Review: Jay-Z and Kanye West — Watch The Throne

The famous book Outliers: The Story Of Success states that to be an expert at anything you must’ve spent at least 10,000 hours of doing the specific activity. Which leaves, me, Kevin Ross, an expert at only three things: drinking excess amounts of alcohol, listening to tons of rap music and last, but not least, sleeping.

I’ve been a fan of hip hop since I can remember my sister schooling me on 2pac. There’s special moments that you treasure as a genuine fan. My own personal special moment, which I will forever remember, was Jay-Z’s 10th Anniversary Reasonable Doubt concert.

With that being said, Watch The Throne was pegged and marketed as one of those “special moments” in hip-hop. The greatest rapper of our lifetime, Jay-Z, and arguably this decade’s most influential producer teaming up to produce a cohesive work of art… I mean how could it not be greatness?

I ask myself that question repeatedly while listening to this album and still don’t have an answer for you, or for myself.

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