Occupy Albany Weekly Update, Week of Dec. 2 to Dec. 9

On Friday afternoon Occupy Albany was with a by the City of Albany government. The order threatened eviction from the park on December 6 if fifteen conditions were not met. These conditions were focused largely on health and safety matters, though one one condition required Occupy Albany to apply for a permit that would give the city government the right to evict Occupy Albany at its discretion and which would require that the park be cleared entirely by December 22.

Occupy Albany spent Saturday streamlining and cleaning up the occupation, consolidating work areas, restructuring its tent management system, and generally sprucing things up. However, on Sunday morning extreme winds undid most if not all of the work that was done on Saturday. Thus, Sunday was spent recovering lost ground, but by Sunday night things were under control and the camp was ready to , which it did on Tuesday morning.

On Monday morning, the met with city officials to discuss the cease and desist order issued on Friday. The city agreed to relax some of the restrictions they sought to impose on the camp and Occupy Albany agreed to apply for a permit that would allow Occupy Albany to remain in Lafayette Park indefinitely and which would not allow the city to evict Occupy Albany without cause. However, the permit that was by the city on Wednesday , setting the city and Occupy Albany for a showdown in a few weeks, as Occupy Albany is set on remaining at Academy Park through the winter.
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