Stream: FaltyDL’s ‘Hardcourage’


Part of the reason why I believe certain musicians find success in their creative endeavors is when they consciously make an effort towards putting time, energy and focus into studying their craft from all angles. FaltyDL is one of those musicians.

FaltyDL‘s new LP, Hardcourage, is wonderful. The album is to be released via Nina June and is currently available for full streaming over on Sound Cloud. Put your orders in for it.

Check out this recent interview with the man himself and hit the jump for my appreciative ramblings.

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Let’s talk about Snoop Lion

When I first heard about Snoop Dogg’s recent announcement that he’d be changing his name to Snoop Lion and pursuing down the path towards a reggae album, my first reaction was admittedly a bit negative.

I kind of found the whole thing funny for some reason. Thinking that the dude doesn’t really need to give us any more evidence that he smokes a lot of weed and that Snoop Lion as a name just didn’t roll off the tongue just showcased my initial ignorance towards what Snoop is doing, embarrassingly enough.

In actuality, this career choice is about moving forward, moving away from his established role in rap and starting fresh towards a new (re)discovered passion. It’s not just a genre swap for one album; it’s a whole commitment towards a new persona and life path. We’ll learn to like the name change, because it’s not going anywhere. Snoop is as Snoop does. I’ve always respected that.

Vice Media has produced a feature-length film that share’s the aptly-titled album’s name, Reincarnated, which will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The trailer for the film is what opened my eyes to what Snoop actually is doing and I absolutely can’t wait for the opportunity to see the film in full.

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Music Monday: Barons in the Attic

This past Friday, Barons in the Attic played the 4th-annual B3nson Family Funsgiving show at Valentine’s, alongside We Are Jeneric and Matthew Carefully. In addition to keeping tradition alive (which likely involved participating in the annual “beard-off” competition and eating turducken), Barons have been busy promoting their latest album, Turn It Off & Take Out The Battery.

In my experience catching them live over the years, the four-piece has successfully failed to disappoint me. Whether it was in a basement or at Valentine’s in collaboration with WCDB, I’ve learned that Barons in the Attic is a band that likes to have fun when they’re playing, and goes out of their way to express how genuinely appreciative they are that people came out to hear their music.

Self-described as “thrashfolk”, these dudes pull from a variety of rock-infused genres to create a unique blend all their own that is sprinkled with obvious passion towards their craft. Simply put: listen to this band if you want to listen to good dudes who have a good time and make good music with good intentions. No games, no gimmicks.

You can stream their latest for a limited time here.

KAB picks: “Nutshell”, “Title Theme From a 90’s Sitcom”, “Recessionist”.