Camp Bisco XI: Day Two Recap

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Upon entering the grounds of Camp Bisco yesterday for day two of the three-day affair, I was greeted by wordsmith Chali 2na performing on the main stage alongside Break Science, making for a nice warm welcome into Friday’s early evening line-up. I did miss daytime sets from Mux Mool, the Knocks, Eliot Lipp and Orchard Lounge, but that unfortunately is how it goes sometimes at events such as Bisco.

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KC’s Music Monday: Camp Bisco XI Preview

Photo © Andrew Franciosa

Arguably my favorite part about attending a music festival is the undeniable factor that the nature of the beast is designed to enable a unique experience for every person in attendance. You can map out which performers you’d like to see or ditch any intention of a plan and see whatever comes your way. Or a little bit of both. Some people attend solely for the ‘experience’ and don’t place much emphasize on checking out the music itself (don’t be one of those people) but again, to each their own. Much like life itself, Camp Bisco is what you make of it.

Last year, Andrew and I attended, had an absolute blast and followed our own compasses. Not to preach too much on a how-to-attend-a-festival-guide level or anything, but I seriously do recommend making the experience your own. If you want to see a band or DJ, go see them, regardless of if your friends want to go with you or not. If you want to call it a night to rest for the next day, do so. You don’t have to get carried away to have a good time. There will be plenty going on at all times, so don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything if you chose stage A over stage B.

For today’s post, I picked out some artists from this year’s line-up that I’m looking forward to. Feel free to post in the comments who you’re excited for and let us know if you’re attending this year. More to come next week.

Be sure to check out our coverage from last year (day one, two, three) and stay up on Camp Bisco for upcoming announcements and other details as the festival dates creep closer.

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