Music Monday: Looney Edition

Hi folks. My name is Looney, I make beats and sometimes a little later I play them at parties. I am half of Deep Children. Have you wanted to listen to a Deep Children mixtape? If not, maybe skip reading the rest of this post. But if you have, then today is a happy day for you. Mixtapes from either of us have been long overdue so here’s one I did to make your Monday less shitty. If you click the play button, located below, you may discover: some juke tunes, a li’l dubstep, and maybe a couple original beats. The tracklist is mostly Hype Party Music so please take caution in putting it on around cranky or tired people. Also it has some swears in it.

Surprise August Slap Party!!!! by looney
(download for best quality and to throw it onto your ipod or we)

Annnd here’s some direct links for the Looney beats if that’s your thing:
Ketchup Chip
‘tein (VIP)

Tracklist after the jump

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