Behind the Scenes of Electric City Couture With Ruth Dollery

Coming up this Friday is the third annual Electric City Couture Fashion Show at Proctor’s Theatre. I’ve attended in the past and have been consistently blown away by the amount of talent this area is hiding, especially in the design and fashion industries where it might require a bit more digging to discover. Thankfully, the good folks involved help make local fashion and design easily accessible by organizing and putting together this show, hopefully for many years to come.

This year, the event is created and produced in conjunction with the 5th anniversary of Schenectady Arty Night (which is a monthly free organized art event for those of you unfamiliar – think First Friday, but in Schenectady).

The Electric City Couture show is designed to celebrate art in the form of fashion, inspired by the runways of New York City, but happening in Schenectady and featuring the work of local designers Katie Pray and Joleen Button.

To get better acquainted with what it is like behind the scenes, I took a moment to sit down with Ruth Dollery, who will be doing make-up for Katie Pray for this year’s show. I’ve known Ruth for several years now and have been impressed with both her talent, her taste and her eye for style, whether it was doing our friend’s make-up for a Halloween party in her living room or with her clientele in the salon setting.

Hit the jump for the Q+A and for more information on the upcoming Electric City Couture.

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