Recap: Cursive and Minus The Bear at Upstate Concert Hall

Last night’s show at Upstate Concert Hall reminded me the importance of taking advantage of opportunities to see bands play live both in different places, and when possible, again. In my opinion, a good live music performance is also adaptive; the location, venue and crowd can all influence a touring band’s performance and consequentially, your experience. Essentially, what I’m advising is to try to avoid using “I’ve already seen ’em play” as a reason not to see a band again. You could be pleasantly surprised regardless of what your experience was the first time around.

I saw Cursive play at the House of Vans in Brooklyn just over a month ago, and I also saw Minus The Bear the last time they played in Clifton Park back in 2010 with Maps & Atlases and Phantogram. Going into the show, I had hopes of hearing the songs I’ve been listening to for years, as well as some new tricks and I wasn’t disappointed by either band in that. Cursive played a much different set than when I saw them in the city, though I can’t quite place my finger on how so (perhaps the difference between being a supporting band versus a headlining band?) but either way it was great to catch another refreshing performance from them.

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