Hidden Gem: Bake For You

After two decades of living in the Capital Region, discovering new things has remained at the top of my priorities list over the years. Time and time again, I find that the truth of the matter is that there is much left to discover and experience in our city. Last week, breaking up a seemingly dull work week in the dead cold of “winter, was the discovery of the kitchen of Linda Kindlon and Bake For You, hidden under a church building overlooking Washington Park.

When Linda e-mailed us asking if we’d be interested in doing a taste test, it was hard not to reply with a one-word-all-capital-letters-email-saying-yes back.

The gist of what Linda does is simple enough: she is a baker and she bakes. But the bigger picture is that even just one week later, and I’m still talking about her baked goods to my friends. And so are her clients, which include the Irongate Cafe, Hudson River Coffee House, the Daily Grind, Bonobo Cafe, Andys Imports, and Bob and Ron’s Fish Fry to name a few.

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