OTS x OP1: Interview with MYRRYRS

Greetings party people! It’s nearing that time again and this edition of on the sly and OUTPOST1 are bringing the common denominator of a producer hailing by way of Tennessee, MYRRYRS. MYRRYRS will be playing TONIGHT at (le) poisson rouge alongside Tony Goods, Kuhn and resident knomad – and FRIDAY at the Fuze Box alongside residents Looney, Party With Tina and knomad. As per usual, Friday between 6-10pm, we’ll be on air 6-10pm at WCDB 90.9fm for OUTPOST1 takeover. Woot!

photo courtesy of myrryrs

MYRRYRS, of Body High, B.YRSLF and Discobelle, is an American producer raised on house, techno, and drum and bass. He has set each genre and the barriers they create, aside. Rather than drawing influence from the producers of his musical upbringing, MYRRYRS peers deep within the happenings of the late 90’s rave scene, 80’s B films, sci-fi fantasy, and cult imagery. Get a taste here.

knomad & myself on the interview duties below the jump!

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Living Walls: Gaia and Nanook

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was in the form of three simple words. Barely visible and scrawled in white, fading paint marker on the bottom of a crumbling brick wall, in all capital letters, were the words “LOOK AROUND YOU”. Author-less and gimmick-less. Hidden but beautiful in its harmlessness. I couldn’t tell you where I saw this, how old I was or who I was with, but that moment, of an instantaneous (and conversational) connection of being a passerby and relating to a public space continues to resonate within me.

All Photos © Nina Blix

And that’s what the Living Walls is all about. That moment of seeing something unordinary in an ordinary space. That moment of seeing something that stands out but fits in at the same time. Engaging others in these curious moments amongst strangers and friends alike is a community-oriented call to action in reviving citywide decay and restoring peeling murals into their next life. It’s about promoting those moments of recognition, relation and inspiration. The Living Walls is a project designed to ignite these moments in our city and to use art in public spaces as a way to remind the community to LOOK AROUND.

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This Weekend: Third Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival

Tomorrow marks the start of the 3rd Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival. This fest will showcase a diverse range of talent, both musically and visually, and the festival’s bill encompasses three full days of acts at Red Square in Downtown Albany. The three days are each quite different, and awesome. Thursday is a massive dance party with the areas best DJs (ahem, Deep Children and Party With Tina will be representing) along with about 30 other amazing DJs. Friday is for all the out of town acts to show us what the away team has to offer, and the finale, Saturday, is dedicated to showcasing local talent.

Check out the event’s facebook page for the massive list of performers and the schedule!

Andrew’s Music Monday: OUTPOST1 Recap

Oh yes. Friday, again went off without a hitch. We got in Brother Suarez from Heady Pro to roll through and smash up the crowd. Deep Children, of course, did their thing and brought the night home with a little b2b action thrown in for good measure too. Absolute smasher night, and I can’t thank everyone enough for making this continue to happen. Next month, we’ve got our first non-local coming through, and you may know of him. Hit the event link up top.

photos: andrew franciosa

For my Music Monday, I’m going to give you two tracks I’m in love with at the moment.

The Heatwave refix of this song is big, but no where online yet. Jamie xx really knows his shit and it shines in every track I’ve heard from him.

This is such an obvious one, but it kills me every time I hear a DJ on Rinse play it. Apparently the business with this track is that no one knows who’s behind it. It’s hyped up through the god-damn roof, but deserves it.

And if you’re unfamilliar with Ghosts on Tape, shoot over to his sound cloud and get educated, you’ve got a month!

Bunch more OUTPOST 1 photos after the jump. Full set is on my flickr.

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KAB Event Recap: Deep Children & Party With Tina at Fuze Box

Wow. Last Friday, the 18th, we got out hands on the wonderful venue right in the middle of Albany, the Fuze Box. We had a ton of success with our New Year’s Eve party and we were urged by everyone in attendance to do it again, so…we did. Same line up as New Years too. Mycon and Looney smashed it up super hard. Looney dropped a beat he’s been working on and it absolutely ravaged the place. Mycon kept things funky and people moving. As for us, we definitely got the place warmed up proper, and If you enjoyed what Duncan and I were playing, you can download our track list and get hip with some songs.

Dig through the full photos which is posted on my flickr (higher quality) or if you wanna tag you and your friends they’re alsoposted on my facebook (lower quality). Otherwise, I’ll let the photos below do the talking.

See you all next month (March 18th) for our next party at Fuze Box!