Journey of awakening

Before you read this, throw on Moondance by Van Morrison. Ok once you have the music flowing, roll up and out to find yourself in another time. The age of bronze like tans, long hair and the phrase “keep on truckin” in someone’s back pocket. This is the state of mind you feel as you step into the Sisters of the Light boutique; a gutted 1975 Shasta camper decorated with a touch of shimmer, lots of nostalgic for sale on the walls and in bins, as well as pillows where you can hang out.

All photos © Eric Truax Also see Lucia Boutique.

Sister Sunshine makes jewelry and has designed bathing suits which are sold among the precious retro that they both find and sell as they cruise around the country. Sister Moonbeam may just read your Tarot for free. When you walk into their traveling boutique, you will see the words “Journey of Awakening” written on the wall. This is the expression of their journey.

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