Quality events for your consideration this weekend

Ashley’s Birthday Dance Party feat. Party With Tina at Bogies, 7pm free [fbook] Girls of Porn, Monster Movie, Hilly Eyes and Friends of the Library at 27 Lincoln, 7pm $5 [fbook]

Keep Albany Boring is throwing another party! If you missed out on New Year’s, here’s your chance to make up for lost time. Albany’s most highly under-rated DJs Deep Children playing after Duncan and I (Party With Tina) at Fuze Box, 10pm $5. [fbook]

Whiskey and The Devil, The Red Lions, Bohemian Slackers, Orphan Legs, Old Friend, in Troy at Dublins. 8pm $8 [fbook] Kingdom (Night Slugs, Ghosts on Tape (Icee Hot) and our Albany buddies down in New Paltz 10pm $6 [fbook]

Sgt Dunbar with The Loom, Wailing Wall and Life Among the Trees at Valentines 7pm $7. [fbook]

Scotty’s Music Monday: Some new Deep children stuff and Cunei4m fun

We’re broadcasting all our shows on UStream from now on, so the world can have fun watching us DJ. You gotta log in on Friday’s 8-10pm and get in the chat! I’ll be tweeting the link from my twitter every Friday around 8pm, @ScottyMycon. I’ll start learning DMC championship turntable tricks so its fun to watch. Below is the first one, from last Friday.

Looney dropped one of his new tracks and its pretty damn sweet! Check it out, it’s going to start a mosh pit this Friday.

‘tein by looney

Lastly I want to shout out my new buddy Cunei4m from Delaware. He’s a sick a DJ who’s had mixes featured on Turbotax, Trash Menagerie, and Bassfaced. And probably more. I am a fan of his UStreams. Follow him. Anyway I think I’ve gotten Scott (we have the same name) sold on mopeds, so hopefully he’ll be coming to Albany in the future to DJ with us and ride mopeds.

Duncan’s Music Monday: Keep Albany Hyphy

So since my posts are erratic and not posted in a timely manner, I am going to refrain from titling this any ‘Music Monday’. Instead this will just consist of cool tracks that I have recently discovered. Nothing too crazy here.
Editor’s note: This was indeed submitted for review Monday, my bad.

This track by NiT GriT is real rad due to the slow and low approach I feel it has. The strong synth leads if you have not already guessed are a part of my favorite sound textures in the electronic genre of music and this particular track is very rich with these. Overall I just like it because it has a relaxed tone without compromising its attack when it comes to wobble. Bro-Step beware, people are no longer hopped up on old recipe Four Loko. It has to be that new jenkem.

Honestly its Skream. Too bad this particular track is a rip off a mix and has vocal rubbish on the end.

Moving more towards Grime, I am a fairly unknowledgeable about this subgenre, but have been listening to it almost exclusively. Over the course of listening to many mixtapes this little gem peeked into my ear drums.

Obligatory Joker remix. But on the real, it also has a phenomenal grime vocal track to boot so.

Your life is empty until you watch Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

My dear friend Lucy from across the pond introduced me to this wondrous show just a few days ago, and I was simply blown away. It’s basically the Jersey Shore of the UK. Anyway, it gives you a glimpse into the life of a few young (14 years old and up) gypsy brides. From there, you learn about some great things like how their entier existences are validated by how extravagant their weddings, baptisms and communions are.

Which explains why the following cake exists:

…and why these dresses are so sought after.

The guys are allowed to have the coolest haircuts in the universe too.

And these 16 year olds get to go out clubbing in the sickest designer (not actually) clubbing clothes you can scrap a car for.

Another good tradition of theirs, is that you get some handsome go-getters (see photo below) gathered the park with some ladies, and they are allowed to force their counterparts to kiss them. By actually holding them down and twisting their arm until they do so.

Which ends up being really weird, uncomfortable and rapeish:

I’m not going to caption the following as I don’t want to give away too much. You need to figure out how to watch it.

and lastly, I leave you with how to show up to your own wedding in s-t-y-l-e.

Go YouTube the trailers, and figure out how to watch all the episodes. You won’t regret it.

Deep Children: 2/4/11 WCDB Soundboard

Since WCDB records all their streams in real player format or something wack, I got a line input into Deep Children‘s mixer for their show last Friday. Oh lawd does this mix bang. They play every Friday 8-10pm on WCDB, which you can obviously stream since no one uses a radio.

Check the mix below, the tracklist after the jump and if you want to hear this type of stuff on a real system, come to Fuze Box on Feb 18th. Hit that pyramid triangle space flyer over on the right for the full details.

Deep Children – WCDB 2411 by MYCON
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