It’s First Friday!

…in case you forgot! I’m heading over to The Marketplace Gallery around 9 to see Gregory Maxwell Dunn II, ENZ, VENG, Chris RWK. More details on the event’s facebook.

Afterward I’m heading to Jillians for Evolution where I’ll be taking photos! Come say what’s up.

Anything else worthwhile going on? Leave a comment!

Thank you all!

According to all those who voted in the Metroland Reader’s Poll!

Big shout shout to Deep Children scoring #2 best DJs and Marketplace Gallery scoring Best Art Gallery and our very own KAB writer KC Orcutt for getting best poet and author! For out site to only be live since September, and to be ranked after AOA and tied with the Times Union, that shit is crazy. Huge motivator to get shit even more popping off for next year.

Also Fuze Box gets Best Dance Spot! Sounds like all the more reason for you guys to come to our party the 18th!

Interested in a shirt? Head this way.

Bike To China!

My good friend Christine forwarded this along to me, and it’s an awesome way to raise awareness and help contribute toward a good cause. Read their explination below.

Two University of Albany alumni, equipped with pens, paper, and cameras will bike from Istanbul, Turkey to Shanghai, China to connect with local leaders and raise money for the fight against social and environmental injustice in areas associated with their route. Their goal is to raise 12,500USD and donate to the Global Greengrants Fund while advocating for cooperation amongst organizations and governmental leaders on these issues. Their mission is to draw attention to inactive hazardous waste sites, exploited ecosystems, and other sites presenting irreversible damage and imminent danger to the communities that surround them.

Bike touring is amazing and doing it for a cause is extremely humble. Please take a second to read their website and strongly consider donating if you can.

To learn more about their mission and goals (and maybe even make a donation) visit:

2011 NAHBS

I mentioned that I’m in Texas, taking photos of bicycles. I figured I might as well share a little here before we head to the convention center for day 2.

Head to Prolly is Not Probably to see all of em!