Preview: The Sunspot Cafe on Quail

If you happened to have skated by the icy block of Quail and Elberon recently, you’ll have seen through the giant glass windows of the once lax building on the corner, people working late into the night hours prepping for business.

“A lot of people have walked into the shop thinking we are open,” said Kasey Kohler, manager of the highly anticipated Sunspot Cafe, which will officially open its doors today, March 8 at 8 a.m. “A lot of people have been coming in already, thinking it looks cool inside.  People have been waiting for this and we had to push the opening date back a few times due to building the fireplace.”

photos by andrew franciosa

The fireplace is symbolic of the labor of love that has gone into getting this place off the ground.  Kasey talked about how since it was such a huge project, one that the owner, Tom Genovese, took on himself, that after months of construction, it was clear the fireplace’s end result was reflective of the challenge.

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Scotty’s Music Mondays: Mixtape Re-ups

I was out of commission with the flu last week, but here’s what you may have missed in the world of club music outside Albany.

-MikeQ blew up himself and Ballroom music with this debut exclusive mix for XLR8R. Sounds like Ballroom is in the running for most blogged subgenre for 2011. I’ve been emailing back in forth with Mike trying to get him to take a train up to Albany to play at Fuze, fingers crossed.
Mix at XLR8R.

-Ghosts on Tape and Rollie Fingers, who just had MikeQ at Icee Hot in SF this weekend, did a new mix of deep, cosmic, and completely not-corny house music. Recommended. If you haven’t heard Predator Mode by Ghosts on Tapes, or really any of his remixes, treat yourself right and check them out. Trust me, you’ll be seeing more of him in the future so get familiar now 😉

-Night Slugs takeover on Boiler Room = yes. This aired on Tuesday, at the climax of my flu, and I completely zoned out, I watched all 4 DJ’s from beginning to end. Bok Bok and Egyptrixx (check his new Album NOW!) were dope, but I really liked Girl Unit and Jam City’s sets.

Shout out to everyone who voted for us in the Metroland too! That was a fun surprise.

Rock Paper Scissors

Ever since reading the statistics behind RPS, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Especially since at my old house it’s how we solved all of our household issues, such as who’s going to Pine Hills Market to do the 4Loko run (not kidding).

Today, I saw that The New York Times posted this link which allows you to play an intelligent and pattern learning supercomputer at everyone’s favorite game, RPS.

Good luck.

Recap: Red Lions, Summer People, Aficionado @ HRCH

For many friends, strangers and familiar faces alike, it was their first time walking down the steps leading into the welcoming brick walls of the Hudson River Coffee House.  The draw for some on March 3rd could have been to attempt to prove Andrew wrong but I’d say majority was to give local fave Aficionado a proper send off on their 2-month spring tour.  The Red Lions, also from Albany, started off the evening with Summer People sandwiched in between.

The Hudson River Coffee House, located at 227 Quail, has begun putting on shows, with owner and operator Anton Pasquill as curator, managing the sound and catering to the musicians, providing water and adjusting house gear.

As this was my first time in attendance for a show here, my first impression was that the building adapted to host a show as best as it could.  It was tightly packed and more standing room would have been preferable.  As a venue, it’s a substantial upgrade from an apartment basement (the last place I saw both Aficionado and Summer People) but it interestingly enough doesn’t necessarily lose that vibe either, with vintage adornments and displayed art adding to the atmosphere of the underground coffee house.

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Interestingness in the local news

The Arcade Building on Broadway has had a proposal submitted for it to be turned into 52 apartments. [tu]

Heather Higgins was arrested for her ninth DWI. How the fuck does shit like this fly? I was always under the impression that even after one you’re basically fucked forever? [tu]

UA won’t say how much they paid Clinton. [tu]

There’s been more uncovered in the Northern Lights break-in which resulted in a suicide, from Feb 19th. [tu]

A 14-year-old was arrested with a loaded gun, in my old neighborhood. [tu]

Apparently, the guy who owns José Malones in Troy, is a very nice man, but maybe not. [tu]

The Latham water tanks are going the way of the dodo. [tu]

Owner’s of Savannah’s were indicted for assault, look like idiots. [tu]

667 Prime switches to sustainable fish, which is a babystep in the right direction, but still the right idea. [tu]

Mexican dirt weed is still popular and profitable in NY. [tu]

In a horrific use of tax money, Anaheim Schools are considering paying $18,000 to try out a GPS tracking system for kids who cut class. What’s wrong with these fucking people? [tu]