Save WCDB Weekends

DJ LoFi Lobo exercised some subtle caution on his Twitter account yesterday, stating; “there’s a storm brewing at WCDB..could be tornado, could be drizzle. Stay tuned.”

It has since been revealed that a handful of weekend evening shows have been implicated by a recent decision of the e-board members of UAlbany’s campus radio, WCDB-FM.

The e-board’s majority ruling this past Sunday was in favor to join an agreement with the Albany Legends, the basketball renewal effort spawning out of the now defunct Albany Patroons.  The Legends are not associated with the University at Albany (unlike WCDB, which has been broadcasting at UAlbany since 1978) and are the first minor league team in the Northeast to join the Independent Basketball League.

As per the agreement, WCDB is to broadcast their content during weekend hours Friday-Sunday from 6-10pm, and will unfortunately conflict with the time slots of popular weekend shows.  Weekend slots are prime hours for shows, and are what one student worded as “pre-game music,” and several station members aren’t available at alternative time slots.

Two of the main DJs facing implicated scheduling issues include recent winners in Metroland 2011’s ‘Best Of’ readers’ poll, LoFi Lobo and Deep Children.  Lobo ranked in at #1 Best Local DJ, with Deep Children posted up at #2 for Best Local Club DJ.  In accordance with the building momentum of Deep Children’s new monthly residency at Fuzebox (#1 for Best Dance Club/Dance Night), for one example, the audience has rightfully made it clear it is going to go where the good music is.  That is why WCDB should be concerned about losing some of its highly ranked shows.

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Neighborhood Clean-Up. This Friday, March 18th.

LeeFrances shot me an email detailing plans to get a group together to clean up the shrapnel from the post Kegs and Eggs 2011 Pine Hills area. So far there’s a good group that have confirmed attending.

Gloves and bags will be provided. If you can’t make it on time, give her a shout at 518.227.1834 and she’ll let you know where they are so you can join.

Head over to the facebook event to RSVP and for more details. I wish it was only those who caused this mess cleaning this, and the rest of the city up, but clearly being responsible for your actions is way beyond the scope of that crowd. I’m very thankful that LeeFrances organized this and there’s enough support from reasonable beings in the area to make this happen. A bit of my faith in humanity has been restored.

Albany is officially mad about Kegs and Eggs, Brocial Media

Hey student ghetto population it’s pretty cool that your Android smartphone can take videos and upload it directly to YouTube, but make sure you learn some basic “Brocial Media” etiquette or you’ll be screwed. Or just don’t act like an idiot in the first place.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares is mad.

This is, of course, in regards to the wild Kegs and Eggs chaos this weekend that went viral. All the 2011 web 2.0 tubes were hit up and now a bunch of kids will probably have to check that “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” question when applying to their accounting firm jobs after their possible graduation.

Today a bunch of suits got together for a press conference and they were all mad. But not bro-mad, like “Kegs and Eggs was mad fun”, but real-life $35k-bail-bond-mad. Basically they want kids to know that Albany isn’t a trashcan and shouldn’t be treated like one. UAlbany and St. Rose were in attendance to agree, and UAlbany President George Philip messaged all his students today about how these videos make everyone look bad.

District Attorney David Soares said they are going to be watching a bunch more YouTubes, and Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff likes how those videos are going to make this all so much easier for him.

Officially mad officials.

Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff talking to the local mainstream media.

Reader’s poll: Have you ever had any Brocial Media regrets?

Brocial Media Recap: Kegs and Eggs 2011

Didn’t go to Kegs and Eggs? Me neither. But thankfully, with the highly accessible and scalable communication technique of “brocial media” (new KAB coined term) we can all experience the debauchery that was. Here is a roundup of K&E 2011 internet-ty things thanks to smart phones and stupid people.

UPDATE: George Phillip, the president of UAlbany responds to the activities shown below.

A bunch more after the jump. Get stoked.
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Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11 Recap (Season 2 Episode 24)

Pauly and Vinny head to Vinny’s house in Staten Island. During the car ride, Pauly’s states “I had no idea it was an actual island, until we crossed the bridge.” Cmon Pauly. They get down to the food; it starts with pizza and moved onto pasta, chicken cutlets, potato salad, eggplant, corn, mashed potatoes, salad and more. Holy fuck, Italian people.

The girls go to GTL+Nails and Ronnie goes with. Situation is mad that he was left out again. Like a stand up dude, he then helps the dogs break out of their little pen, then also helps the dogs get food out of trash. He also gives them peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, delivered to the dogs direct by way of the hardwood floor. The dogs then, according to plan, piss and shit everywhere. Mike gets busted by Dena because he was holding the dog in the confessional, and now one side of the dog reeks of his cologne. Who the fuck puts on cologne when they’re alone in their house? Right after they wake up?
Also the dogs name’s are “Juicebox” and “Lean Cuisine.”

They go to Karma, Snookie meats some busted looking dude, and busts out this diamond: “Whoever I have babies with, he’s gotta be Italian because the last name needs to have a vowel in it, and I want my kids last name to have a vowel in it. And be tan. Obviously.” Vinny leaves with another actually hot girl. Ronnie and Same drunkenly kiss and basically argue all the way home. Holy fuck they’re the WORST.

Next day, Vinny goes with the girls to get spray tanned since he’s sick of being the palest one. Vinny stands there in his Arnold Schwarzenegger underpants and flexes while he gets his spray tan, which is hilarious. The tan also noticeably makes him darker. Holy hell.

On the way home, they see Rogers car, and Jenny honks and tries to get his attention, and he starts to book it. He dipped out because according to Ron, “he’s got a girl in the car.” Jenni goes home, leaves him a super insano message to find out he was late to the barbershop, which explains him not answering his phone and driving quickly. What a nut. Roger makes her feel like an idiot and tells her he needs room to breathe, hah!

The girls then start a water balloon fight and the guys end up taking things way, way too serious. Also Vinny hides to protect his spray tan. The dudes end up throwing all the girls into the hot tub, which is hilarious.

Ron and Sam talk about how they still love each other and want to work things out. Ron wants to go full bore and Sam isn’t into it, which might be the first intelligent thing she’s done so far.

The girls go searching for “juicehead gorilla central” at Jenks and then complain more about the dudes being ugly. They then head to an aquarium where there’s a penguin, and when the aquarium lady asks what kind of animal a penguin is, no one gets the answer. Which is: bird.

Then then again, head off Karma where Mike sees his friend Arvin, who quickly asks “where’s Sam.” Arvin tells Mike that Sammy has been hollering at him through BBM, oh shit! Mike obviously tells everyone and shit hits the fan. It ends up she was texting that dude as soon as she left the house, while Ron was crying and going nutty over her. Sam just blatantly denies it, then admits it, but prefaces it with he’s “just a friend.” Ron then tells Sam in a reasonable speaking voice and dignified manor, “I had every chance on Thursday to bring the hottest girl in the club home, but I didn’t because I was crying like a little bitch over fucking you.” Totes reasonable, bro!

Vinny and Pauly successfully end up just sitting on the couch and spectating, until Pauly decides to state, “If this relationship continues, I will kill myself.”

The episode ends with Ron yelling at Sam to go back home, and when she says, “let me go” he straight up screams “no” directly into her face. Solid move.