Scotty’s Music Monday: ONEMAN mixtape for the people!

502 Recordings boss Oneman’s mixtapes are always mixed seamlessly, and usually full of exclusive forthcoming UK tracks, something that drives Yanks like me crazy with excitement. This one is for the amazing Lucky Me collective – you’ll find loads of other treasures over there. It’s the home of Hudson Mo!, who Looney and I once met in NY..we told him that we were from a city where the Hudson and Mohawk rivers meet. He wasn’t terribly interested in that as I remember.


LITE – Drops
Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm [inst.] Bad Autopsy – Pour It On
Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside
Damage Daneeka – Creeper
French Fries – Charlotte [Canblaster remix] Boddika – Basement
Search & Destroy – Candyfloss [Toasty remix] Unknown – Knock, Knock
Pelican Fly – Bendin’ [Jay Weed remix] Boddika – Soul What
Prince – I Would Die For You
Velour – She Wore Velour
Marcus Intalex – Under Surveillance
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nobody Here
Scuba – Twitch [Jamie Vex’d remix] Fantastic Mr Fox – Peep Show [Desto remix] Joker & Rustie – Tempered
Addison Groove – Sexual
Ikonika – Space Ugly
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me
50 Cent & Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology [Acapella] Girl Unit – WUT
Wiley – Shower Eski [Mickey Pearce remix] Digital Mystikz – Lost City
Starkey – Miracles
Desto, Clouds & Jimi Tenor ft. ChaCha – Time Bird
Wiley – Saw It Coming

ALSO out to my Fuze Box people last Friday, that party was real. Out to my family new and old who showed up. We should have some big things planned for March’s edition of the monthly, and I’m already anxious for it. It’s our new home and where it’s all happening so don’t sleep. I’m doing a Deep Children Twitter to keep you updated on what we’re doing so Follow it mmk? You can also Follow me too.


FACT mix 222 – Urban Tribe (Feb ’11) by factmag

KAB Event Recap: Deep Children & Party With Tina at Fuze Box

Wow. Last Friday, the 18th, we got out hands on the wonderful venue right in the middle of Albany, the Fuze Box. We had a ton of success with our New Year’s Eve party and we were urged by everyone in attendance to do it again, so…we did. Same line up as New Years too. Mycon and Looney smashed it up super hard. Looney dropped a beat he’s been working on and it absolutely ravaged the place. Mycon kept things funky and people moving. As for us, we definitely got the place warmed up proper, and If you enjoyed what Duncan and I were playing, you can download our track list and get hip with some songs.

Dig through the full photos which is posted on my flickr (higher quality) or if you wanna tag you and your friends they’re alsoposted on my facebook (lower quality). Otherwise, I’ll let the photos below do the talking.

See you all next month (March 18th) for our next party at Fuze Box!

Site improvements and a t-shirt restock!

After only being okay with the site design I finally changed a few things today. There was an incredibly overwhelming demand for a way for people to post events, so now check the dedicated events section up top! You can submit your events through there as well which makes things much easier for me to post and deal with. It will take a minute since I still gotta add it manually but it’s much better than it was. Also the readability of this is now way better as the columns are smaller, and the site scales perfectly on every display since all measurements are percentages instead of absolute values.

Also, I got about 90 shirts left. I took everyones feedback and got a bunch of x-smalls for the girls to be able to wear them without cropping them or cutting em up. They go up to x-large for the big dudes too.

So, here’s how you get one.
Send me $15 via Paypal and I’ll hold it for you and you can pick it up/we can meet somewhere. Or if you’d rather me ship it, send me $18 via Paypal as a gift (avoids fees) to I’ll have them for $15 at every Fuze Box event and I can take cash or credit there.

The shirts, which are from 518 Prints are top quality. They’re discharge printed which means instead of putting a layer of ink on top, they remove the black from the shirt and replace it with white. You can’t feel any design or printing on top of the shirt, since it’s now actually part of the shirt. Look close and you can see it in the photo above. This is the absolute highest quality way to print. Not only that, but the shirts are made at a factory in Los Angeles by a company you may know, called American Apparel, so you know they fit proper, and you aren’t buying shit products out of exploited labor in sweatshops.

If you have any feedback about the new design of the site, leave it as a comment!