KC’s Music Monday: Ear Food Vol. 2

Back in April of last year, the gentlemen of local label Pig Food Records released a free instrumental compilation produced by PJ Katz titled Ear Food Volume 1. It has had a happy home in my iPhone’s music folder ever since. Last month, the second instrumental curation in the series, Ear Food Volume 2, was released, also at the generous “name your price” option.

My favorite part about the Ear Food series, aside from the collection showcasing the next level genius of PJ Katz, is that you can play it on loop for hours at work and catch new parts and samples with every listen. The music is layered, intricate, full of unique samples and composition, and is captivating. Needless to say, I’m a big fan and highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

KC’s Music Monday: No Pepper


At the end of this month, twelve of the area’s best in hardcore and metal will be joining forces to say a fond farewell to Valentine’s. Many (if not most) of the bands coming together for the No Pepper: A Hardcore/Metal Farewell tribute have played Valentine’s at various chapters in their careers – whether as their first show ever as a band or as the location of their most recent show played. I’m really excited for the opportunity to see these bands together all on the same bill, and especially as Valentine’s will be transitioning to its new location and chapter in the near future.

Special thanks to those involved in planning for including KAB as a sponsor, alongside Fuzz Records, the Dead President’s Lounge and Storm Breather.

I’ve compiled a brief introductory guide to the bands playing the one-night fest. Hit the jump and take some time to get acquainted!

Photo of Planet Eater by Crystal Meyers, courtesy of Ryan Kenney.

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Music Monday: Heat

Here’s a few mixes to help you embrace the heat we’ve been experiencing in Upstate New York. Or help you remember that it’s hot out while you enjoy your air conditioning.

First up is a new one from dancehall authority, The Heatwave. Titled ‘Gyal Power’, this mix features all female MCs and manages to pack almost 70 tunes in 60 minutes.

Next is a recording of Murlo‘s latest Chateau FM broadcast. This dude has his tunes played by every dancehall/soca/reggae leaning DJ in every set. Can’t wait to catch him live.

Next up is a mix from D’hana and Rizzla, who were profiled for the Queer issue of the Boston Phoenix. This mix will give you a taste of what they talk about in the paper.

Last up is a BoilerRoom bedroom session from one of my favorites, MikeQ. If you’re not familiar with MikeQ, let me help you.

Andrew’s Music Monday: It’s been a minute

Wow it’s been a long, long time since I’ve done one of these. And in true-to-myself style, it’s late. Might as well get right to it.

This track by Kingdom and Kelela has been in so many DJ sets as of late and there’s a good reason. This tune is heading straight for anthem status and I hope no one stops playing it out. Really awesome to see people really pushing the sounds of “club music”. If you’re into this kinda thing, check out a 74-minute set Kingdom did last July.

Next we’ve got a new hour-long mix Brenmar did for Diplo/BBC Radio 1. Lot of really great new cuts in here with a few of the classics. I’ve had this on repeat for a while.

Here we’ve got a great bootleg from Dev/Null, of one of my favorite songs form The-Dream. Not only that, it’s a jungle remix!

PARTYNEXTDOOR was just signed to Drake’s label, and for a good reason. Although there’s not much info on PND, the tunes are incredible. It’ll be interesting to see who this producer is. And of course I’m waiting for more material.

The-Dream and Jay-Z. Enough said.

This reggae tune has been huge around the world for the past 10 years but there’s almost no love for it in the States. I definitely hadn’t heard it until it was shared with me. Weird.

Groundisalva has released a huge “Treasure Chest” of remixes in support for his upcoming tour. Be sure to catch the footwork Katy Perry remix.

Bonus round for those still with me:
DJ Q talks about his favorite vocal 2-step garage tunes.
Helix releases a few club bootlegs on bandcamp.
August Alsina The Product 2 Mixtape.

Masai’s Music Monday: 518 hip hop in review


The following is a guest post by Masai, originally titled, “The world’s longest 518 hip hop review that you will ever skim through and ignore.” Masai appeared on Lofi Lobo‘s radio program, the Capital Coup, this past Friday at WCDB and Lobo was gracious to share the archived audio with us at KAB. Thanks again to Masai and Lobo!

A few weeks ago I gave a local record label coordinator/rapper a ride home. When he got in my car and heard whatever album I was casually bumping he lamented, “Gee, you really do listen to local music.” I thought it was an odd observation since I consider myself pretty vocal about how much I enjoy local music. After all, my closet looks like a shrine to bearded wordsmiths and alcoholic cliques. My bookshelf and coffee table are cluttered with the broken fragments of CD jewel cases from dozens of local artists who I know and respect. And if it’s a Friday or Saturday night you can usually find me being an obnoxious fan at a half dozen local venues showing support. If I haven’t annoyed you on social media with my constant stream of local songs, videos, and promotions than you’re probably not following me on any sites. So why, I wondered, would it even cross somebody’s mind that I didn’t actually listen to the music I laud so much?

Listen to the WCDB show and hit the jump to check out Masai’s reviews:

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