Pioneer food market announces closure, effective immediately

From their facebook:

Effective October 15th 2011 the Board Of Directors of the Troy Community Food Cooperative, Inc. announced the closing of the Pioneer Food Market.
November 1, 2011 a meeting will be held at Christ Church United Methodist, 35 State Street, Troy, to discuss the closure decision with the board.
Thank you for your patronage!

With the recent positive one year report this is pretty crazy. Also sucks since I did half my grocery shopping there. Guess I’m glad I just paid off my share at Honest Weight.

To read more about the life and death about the Troy Coop, check All Over Albany.

OVER: Ticket Giveaway: Andrew Bird at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

You all know Andrew Bird is playing this Thursday the 13th, at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, right? Regular tickets are $33.50 a piece and we’re giving away TWO of these bad boys.

If you don’t already know about Andrew Bird, just do a quick video search to become familiar.

Just leave a comment on this post and we will pick a winner at random on Wednesday the 12th. Bonus points if your comment is a haiku.

EMPAC: Fall 2011 Schedule

Empac recently announced their fall lineup and it’s nothing short of amazing. The full schedule is available on their site.

A quick couple that stuck out to me:
Sept 1: Guy Maddin: Tales from the Gimli Hospital: Reframed

Commissioned by Performa 11 with the National Arts Centre of Canada, this unique work in progress event pairs the acclaimed filmmaker’s classic first feature film with a new live score performed by a remarkable all female Icelandic cast including musicians formerly of the band múm and Sigur Ros.

Sept 9: EARBRAINS: Sonic Research Underground

Experimental music micro-cultures fly beneath the radar in nearly every US city—functioning as hidden incubators or underground sonic research labs for aesthetics and technology. The outcomes almost universally bubble up to the surface, popularized by more mainstream acts. Performances happen in tiny clubs, non-profit galleries, people’s houses, bookstores, and on college campuses. This has been the fertile ground for generations from which experimental music artists and audiences have evolved.

…and a ton more.

I’m also super excited about the Jon Hopkins and Four Tet show on September 15th at 8pm as Four Tet was one of my main highlights at Camp Bisco X this year.

Euphorie at EMPAC is CANCELLED


Since our last outing to EMPAC was so awesome, we got another sweet event to tell you about coming up, which should sit well with all the electronic music lovers.

From the Euphorie event site: The project Euphorie was born from the desire to develop a project based on interactions between video, sound, movement and accidents of life as a 40-minute theatrical performance driven by low-tech tools.

Check out the Euphorie event site for a bunch more images which give you a bit more of a look into the event. I really like that it’s simply described. I’m pumped to go to this!