Food Cycle: Bicycle powered food project in Troy

Another kickstarter! This one from Troy aims to bring an intimate network of compost collection and delivery to keep food scraps from being wasted, and instead, into local gardens.

Food Cycle, a project of Troy Bike Rescue and Collard City Growers, is a bicycle compost delivery project employing neighborhood youth, while diverting household and restaurant food and yard waste back into the ground on our urban farm all by way of the transportation of the future: The bicycle!

Food Cycle will create a hyper-local compost network that lays the groundwork for a self-sustaining, scalable enterprise. We need the help of financial backers (you!) for initial investment.

Give em a kick if you could benefit from this or if you’re just a super nice person.

Recap: Lucky Dragons at EMPAC

A disclaimer in the arts is a double edge sword. Especially prior to the exposure of a performance or a piece of a creative nature. On one end, some people simply gravitate towards an artist’s written statement of a theory or explanation or introduction to help them ‘digest it’, ‘get it’ or help ‘guide’ them along the way. It is meant to be helpful but as with any good intention, sometimes it can also turn off the viewer regardless of an optimistic open-minded nature. Art is subjective, music is subjective and Lucky Dragons’ Actual Reality is subjective.

That being said, their written statement in the printed booklet last night was my saving grace at the Experimental Media Performing Arts Center in Troy. Their explanation of, (and curiosities towards) “actual reality” was something that I read multiple times during the performance and really ended up being a key ingredient I depended on to enjoy myself and react to their piece on a cognitive level.

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Tonight at EMPAC: Lucky Dragons

Tonight’s performance at EMPAC in Troy is one of audiovisual and experimental flavorings. Lucky Dragons will be performing their interactive piece, Actual Reality, in which they use raw data from an archive of various Internet searches in association with acoustic sounds from both the artists and the audience analyzed and re-synthesized in real-time.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Lucky Dragons also will present an assortment of video and audio source material from past performances and rehearsals. The live looping and layering of sounds and visuals accompanying Little Dragons showcases an “actual reality” with an intertwining display of collected moments and sounds from past and present.

Lucky Dragons is a Los Angeles-based experimental music duo comprised of Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara. Their name is derived from a Japanese fishing boat that was contaminated as a result of the hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the 1950s. Eventually the boat was painted black, renamed and used until it was disposed on a manmade trash island called Dream Island, where it still remains today. Lucky Dragons and their performances are about the creation of the new and the temporary and building a fragile network of interactivity between associated wonder and realities.

You can legally download some of their records here for free.

Tickets are available at the box office for $18 (discounted tickets available) prior to the performance, which begins tonight at 8pm. For more information visit EMPAC’s website.

OVER: Ticket Giveaway: Japanther at EMPAC

Tonight and tomorrow, Japanther will be performing at EMPAC. Japanther will be performing a piece called “The Cake of The 3 Towers” and we’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway for tomorrow night’s performance.

To enter, leave a comment on this post with a valid e-mail address and we’ll notify the winner tomorrow at 12pm.

Check out Japanther behind the scenes in residency at EMPAC:

What Japanther is all about:

Japanther is an art project established circa 2001 by Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to wild interactive live showings in unconventional settings, the duo has collaborated with Dan Graham, Gelitin, Eileen Myles, ninjasonik, and Spank Rock, among others. Japanther was featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial as part of Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty and the 2011 Venice Biennial as part of Gelitin’s Some Like It Hot performance. The duo has made a name for themselves through unique performance situations including shows with synchronized swimmers, oversized puppets, from out of the back of a moving truck, alongside giant dinosaurs, and with BMXers flying off the walls of the Whitney sculpture garden.

Tonight’s performance begins at 8pm, and tickets are still available at the box office. Get commenting to win tickets to tomorrow (Saturday’s) performance!

Ticket Giveaway: Francis and the Lights: The White Room

Thanks to EMPAC, we’ve got another lovely giveaway for ya.

From the EMPAC website:

Reclusive singer, songwriter, and pianist Francis Farewell Starlite will be in residence to create a new pop music spectacle—The White Room. White Room references the small, white, environmentally controlled chamber used by NASA astronauts to make final preparations before entering the spacecraft, such as donning parachute packs, putting on helmets, and detaching portable air conditioning units. First used in Project Gemini, its use continued through subsequent programs up to and including the Space Shuttle program.

photo: eric ameres

He’s toured with/produced Drake, opened for MGMT, Ke$ha, La Roux, and Mark Ronson. Dang.

To win tickets for the Saturday show, just leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner at random at 4pm on Saturday. Don’t enter if you can’t attend and use a valid email for the comment, I’ll email you if you won!