Hieroglyphic Being at EMPAC: Ticket Giveaway

On Friday, Hieroglyphic Being will be performing at EMPAC. Hieroglyphic Being is known for his out of this world, experimental, house music.

From EMPAC’s event listing:

You find a vinyl record out in the desert, faded and with no markings. Upon returning home, you place it on the turntable and are enveloped by distorted, raw, rhythmic pulsations. The sound gives you a glimpse into another world, another way of existing. It works its way inside of you, and you begin to subtly move.

This is the sound of Hieroglyphic Being.

The kind folks at EMPAC have given me a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky KAB reader! You can enter the giveaway below. If you are not the contest type, tickets are currently on sale directly from EMPAC.

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Fall 2017 at EMPAC

EMPAC has recently announced their upcoming season, and as usual, there’s a lot of great stuff coming up.

A few music events I’m excited to check out are Hieroglyphic Being on September 8, Actress and Toxe on October 20, and Laura Luna on November 17.

Also, the HoloLens demo and talk looks really interesting, and My Paradoxical Knives, Laure Prouvost’s new performance, and AFTER by Andrew Schneider all sound very interesting.

Check out the schedule, see what you find interesting and go check it out!

Elysia Crampton at EMPAC: Ticket Giveaway

Incredible electronic music producer Elysia Crampton is performing this Friday, May 26 at EMPAC. The wonderful folks at EMPAC have given me a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky reader. You can read their event description, enter the giveaway, and check out some of Elysia Crampton’s music below, as well as read reviews of Demon City from Pitchfork and Resident Advisor.


A force within Latinx culture and the rising genderqueer electronic aesthetic (alongside Arca, Lotic, Rabit, etc.), Elysia Crampton has described her style as “severo,” a word suggestive of the raw textures and violent juxtapositions she creates with source material ranging from American pop to cumbia, hip-hop, ratchet, and South American metal. A descendent of the Aymara people indigenous to Bolivia, Crampton made waves with last year’s Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City. A sister piece to the theatrical production Dissolution of the Sovereign: A Timeslide into the Future, the album was written in the style of an epic poem, taking inspiration from the story of the Aymara revolutionary Bartolina Sisa, whose severed limbs were paraded through the Andes after her execution at the hands of Spanish colonists.

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Spring 2017 coming to an end at EMPAC

There’s only three events left at EMPAC for this semester’s programming. And as usual, they all sound really interesting and worth checking out.

On Monday April 24, Mariam Ghani will be introducing several films from the Afghan Film Archive as part of her ongoing research project What we Left Unfinished. Learn more here.

On Tuesday April 25, Trajal Harrell will be presenting The Return of La Argentina, which is a dance performance that mixes postmodern/voguing with the Japanese dance/theater form “butoh”. Learn more here.

Lastly, on Wednesday April 26, they are screening NASA’s first 4k video stream from the ISS. Insane. Learn more here.

Also, they have on offer a five-day summer workshop focused on Wave Field Synthesis and High-Order Ambisonics. The workshop is full, but there are now lecture-only components. Learn more, and register or jump on the waitlist as soon as you can if you are interested as space is very limited.