‘All Business’ Event at the Marketplace Gallery

[tweetmeme] Tonight at the Marketplace Gallery (40 Broadway in Albany) they’re having an amazing show for First Friday. The show features the work of the completely amazing illustrator, Mab Graves. Somewhat reminiscent of Tim Burton, but less gimmicky, her paintings are completely enveloping. The detail work is completely beyond the scope of what I’ve seen before. Just look at the two following pictures.

See that jar in the girl with the red dress’ hands?

There’s bees in it. And they’re even more detailed than I was able to capture becuase I didn’t have the right lens with me.

On the way in, there was a bit of leftovers from the PaperGirl event, with a bit of RADICAL!’s work, which was always great to see.

Of course, in the art world, nothings ready until the very last second, but Samson always gets things done in time.

Bit more RADICAL!

Also, tonight you can pick up this month’s issue of Quintessential Zine at the Gallery.

An out-of-the-ordinary piece for Gregg Dunn.

NYC, Israel and Albany on the same wall. Nuts.

Mab’s also got a bunch of goodies. Paper dolls kits, articulated joint paper doll kits, and ready to go articulated paper dolls. Cheap too!

I won’t ruin the surprise on this, just be ready. Be sure to also check out 4 Central and catch Deep Children who will be playing some nice songs for you all night, in addition to the Existing Artists Group show there. If you can, brave the rain, get out of the house and have a fun time tonight at all the galleries. I’m going to be over in Gloucester, MA shooting for my cycling team all weekend, so do it for me! Oh, and order some TweetzzaPizza.

LarkFEST goes silent


[tweetmeme]From a distance, it looked like what one would expect of the annual Albany event LarkFEST: a monstrous mob of people, a clash of colors and a mash-up of movement. But something about this crowd was peculiar.

On the brim of the sea of people gathered on Hudson Ave, one tall individual distinctly stood out. His arms were thrashing about in the air, and he was rocking out to some music inaudible to our ears. As we approached closer to this guy, who was certainly not worried about drawing attention to himself, it became quite obvious that he wasn’t dancing alone. He was delightfully accompanied by a large slew of people dancing, strangers and friends alike. What is puzzling, though, about this seemingly-random spectacle of people dancing was that to the non-participant there was no music to be heard.

These attendees of LarkFEST were eagerly engaged in an event known as a silent disco. The concept is simple: wear a pair of wireless head phones, rock out.

On the stage were a handful of DJs broadcasting their beats through a speaker system where the sound waves are picked up via an FM transmitter and then picked up by headphones. It becomes part of what feels like an inside joke or some unstated understanding that those wearing the headphones are there to get down, dancing as if they were at a raging concert. Because, well, beneath those ear buds, they are. On the contrary, to the outsider, it looks as if people are dancing to nothing. Which is awesome.


The exclusiveness of the event made it all the more intriguing to watch and more fun to be dancing along. Smiles plastered pretty much every face as far as I could see as people danced, completely carefree and blissfully unaware of the world void of music beyond the headphones.

The Silent Disco at LarkFEST was organized by Gravity Entertainment, Dreamy Productions & SINsation Sound and was sponsored by Bombers Burrito Bar and the Lark Street Business Improvement District. Participants were given the option of which DJ they wanted to tune into. This year, for the first silent disco to hit Albany and LarkFEST specifically, talent included The Dark Flow, Eric Stewart, Jay Balance, Lazer & Blazer, DJ Scooter, RekOne, Milkdud, Scott Siz, Robin Moreau, Envy & Ballistic. Silent Storm Sound System provided the sound equipment.


Words by KC Orcutt, photos by Patrick Dodson.
Keep Albany Boring

Recap: DADFAG, Girls of Porn and Friends of the Library @ UAG 9/15/2010

Photos: Jen Mace

DADFAG, Girls of Porn, Friends of the Library @ the Upstate Artists Guild (UAG) September 15th, 2010

DADFAG brought their noisy San Fransisco post-punk sound to the UAG last night. The band, originally from Georgia, is about half way through their U.S. tour. The three-piece churned through a tight whiskey fueled set before handing it over to Albany’s Girls of Porn.

Girls of Porn play their own brand of loud psychedelic punk rock complete with vocal effect pedals. Free earplugs were available at the door and were certainly appreciated. Girls of Porn’s set peaked with an excellent cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.”

[tweetmeme] Opening the show was a band new to Albany’s music scene; Friends of the Library. Led by Paul Stasi on guitar with Matt Heuston on bass and Josh Quan on drums the trio played a great set of Sonic Youth inspired indie rock. Their set culminated with a cover of an Archers of Loaf song.
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