Art on Lark: Photo Recap

It’s Art on Lark! Go enjoy some of the awesome artists that you’re fortunate enough to live near. There’s also a ton of other awesome shit and all of the galleries are open. Go before it rains again! I was lucky enough to get there after the first rain when everyone had scurried away. There were a lot of people about and a lot of people were still arriving when I left.

The following is from Jennifer Grainer at the former Planned Parenthood.

Greg Dunn working on the Living Walls support wall.

Work in progress RADICAL!

Soap made in Albany, this stuff smelled amazing.

This guy!

RADICAL! in the wild.

Some bits from the Existing Artists booth.


From the UAG show.

Go check it out! There’s tons and tons I’m sure I missed so go enjoy the cool weather and rad art. Do it!

Recap: Saves The Day & The Get Up Kids at Northern Lights

Saves The Day and the Get Up Kids, it was seriously high school all over again. Which was awesome.

The two bands co-headlined for this tour, started on time (telltale sign they’re getting old) and split up the time on stage evenly. They both played for a bit over an hour, which is about a half hour too long (bands should only play for 35 minutes absolute max). I admittedly am not terribly familiar with The Get Up Kids but recalled a bunch of their songs and enjoyed seeing them for the first time. Saves The Day however needs to convince Chris Conley’s emotionally altered state of thinking and only play shit from Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are. I understand the need to stay engaged as an artist, but lets be real here. It was my first time seeing them and I was bored most of the time. Rest in peace high-school Andrew.

all photos © andrew franciosa

It was fun show but its impossible to compare it to seeing them play during the Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are era. Oh well, for a couple hours I got as close as we could to reliving the hyper awkward and angst ridden days of my youth.

A few more photos I after the break!
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Photos: New World Bistro Bar vs. Car

KFC knife fight turns to this. Probably worth it.

From WNYT:
Albany Police are investigating a fight on Delaware Avenue Tuesday evening that resulted in one of the men involved driving off from the scene, into a building.

Police say there was a fight in front of the KFC on Delaware Ave at approximately 8:45pm.
One of the men had a knife and tried to stab the other.

When the fight broke up, one of the men jumped into his car and drove down Delaware Avenue, lost control of the car and hit the building at New World Bistro, injuring two people inside the restaurant. The patrons inside suffered minor injuries from flying debris.

All photos © Andrew Franciosa.

My weekend in photos

This weekend was awesome. School’s out finally and tons of stuff going on. Few shots from our OUTPOST1 party at Fuze Box from Friday and some other randos I took. I went to the talk about Helvetica in the NYC Subway system at the Albany Institute of History & Art and nerded out about typefaces for a bit but didn’t get any shots because I didn’t want to be rude. Whatever, enjoy the randomness below.