APD’s brohunt begins

The “forthcoming pain” that a stern District Attorney David Soares spoke of yesterday began to be felt in the student population today when APD released and distributed a press release asking for help identifying a list of students involved in this weekend’s debauchery.

APD breaking up a Hudson Ave. block party in 2008.

This ain’t no “#1 Party School” list, but instead a showcase of stupidity that will surely be a buzzkill for many local students. UAlbany started suspending students today.

APD, the DA’s office, UAlbany and St. Rose are all working together to identify people seen in videos incriminating themselves in destructive behavior. “Brocial media”, as KAB coined on Sunday, proved to be a regrettable thing.

However some still don’t get it, and three days post-apocalypse people are still online bragging about the “best Kegs and Eggs ever” and saying “UA GO HARD OR GO HOME”. We recommend the latter.

Click here to download the full release.

A lot of new Facebook brofile picture possibilities here.

Albany is officially mad about Kegs and Eggs, Brocial Media

Hey student ghetto population it’s pretty cool that your Android smartphone can take videos and upload it directly to YouTube, but make sure you learn some basic “Brocial Media” etiquette or you’ll be screwed. Or just don’t act like an idiot in the first place.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares is mad.

This is, of course, in regards to the wild Kegs and Eggs chaos this weekend that went viral. All the 2011 web 2.0 tubes were hit up and now a bunch of kids will probably have to check that “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” question when applying to their accounting firm jobs after their possible graduation.

Today a bunch of suits got together for a press conference and they were all mad. But not bro-mad, like “Kegs and Eggs was mad fun”, but real-life $35k-bail-bond-mad. Basically they want kids to know that Albany isn’t a trashcan and shouldn’t be treated like one. UAlbany and St. Rose were in attendance to agree, and UAlbany President George Philip messaged all his students today about how these videos make everyone look bad.

District Attorney David Soares said they are going to be watching a bunch more YouTubes, and Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff likes how those videos are going to make this all so much easier for him.

Officially mad officials.

Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff talking to the local mainstream media.

Reader’s poll: Have you ever had any Brocial Media regrets?

Brocial Media Recap: Kegs and Eggs 2011

Didn’t go to Kegs and Eggs? Me neither. But thankfully, with the highly accessible and scalable communication technique of “brocial media” (new KAB coined term) we can all experience the debauchery that was. Here is a roundup of K&E 2011 internet-ty things thanks to smart phones and stupid people.

UPDATE: George Phillip, the president of UAlbany responds to the activities shown below.

A bunch more after the jump. Get stoked.
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Recap: Evolution at Jillian’s

On Friday, March 4, hundreds of people wandered out of winter hibernation with curiosity, a hunger for something different and a desire to dance.  Jillian’s, in recent months, has been changing its scene, being jolted back to life as a prevailing music venue in the Capital Region.

The full album is on Andrew’s flickr — go find the pictures of you and your friends! Thanks to Justin for reaching out and throwing a huge event!

For this evening’s event, Vúdoo Productions transformed the dance club into a mini electronic festival, with a commitment including displayed art, a deco installation, a down tempo artist’s lounge, on-the-spot massages from Dustin Campbell and Jessah Price of The Bear’s Massage, body painting, video projections by Drew Suto, Psydream and Psydrack, various fire performances, a Tree Shurt merch table and an eclectic mix of electronic musicians.  Evolution grew out of a series of parties held at Red Square, called Cosmic Wave, and is bringing something that is huge in other places but new to Albany.

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KAB Event Recap: Deep Children & Party With Tina at Fuze Box

Wow. Last Friday, the 18th, we got out hands on the wonderful venue right in the middle of Albany, the Fuze Box. We had a ton of success with our New Year’s Eve party and we were urged by everyone in attendance to do it again, so…we did. Same line up as New Years too. Mycon and Looney smashed it up super hard. Looney dropped a beat he’s been working on and it absolutely ravaged the place. Mycon kept things funky and people moving. As for us, we definitely got the place warmed up proper, and If you enjoyed what Duncan and I were playing, you can download our track list and get hip with some songs.

Dig through the full photos which is posted on my flickr (higher quality) or if you wanna tag you and your friends they’re alsoposted on my facebook (lower quality). Otherwise, I’ll let the photos below do the talking.

See you all next month (March 18th) for our next party at Fuze Box!