Chris “shoenice” Schewe has more up his blue sleeves

Our favorite upcoming local viral comedian/performance artist, Chris Schewe had some more in store for us, and he has no plans of stopping the torrent of epic talent videos from gracing our lives. In this one, he acknowledges haters in life, and loves them. He’s standing up for the students rights and makes it clear he was “already famous” before “all of this”. He invites people to come talk to him and stop hating. Godspeed.

…two quarter pounders in under one minute…

…some hot candle wax…


Today’s headliner, 4 on fire books of matches, a small envelope and some butane for good measure.

Chris, if you see this, you are perpetually welcome to become part of the Keep Albany Boring team, with your own column if you do so choose.

Kegs and Eggs vs. Fountain Day: One giant UAlbany fail.

“Fountain day 2011 cancelled.”

So read the tweet from the Albany Student Press that set in motion a social media response that will only add to the frustration felt by the University at Albany.

The move, already speculated due to necessary repairs and budget concerns, was now blamed on the Kegs and Eggs rioters by President George Philip in an e-mail sent to students shortly after the ASP breaking news.

Not cool, bro.

Within an hour numerous groups and events circulated Facebook to organize new festivities and protests.

Fountain Day, much like Kegs and Eggs as we knew it, is a historic spring ritual at the university that was originally an unofficial and student organized excuse to celebrate (some drunk) during the day. Times changed and eventually the university made it official as a “school spirit” event showered with purple and gold.

The infamous Fountain Day 2004. (photo by Ryan Sutton)

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Student Ghetto on alert, yet another Kegs and Eggs post

APD is in full force at the intersection of Quail St. and Hudson Ave. in the heart of the student ghetto today handing out motor vehicle tickets at any chance they can get. My roommate got three!

DGS was canvasing the area cleaning the sidewalks and trashcans ahead of the student-led clean up tomorrow.

A student, the son of a top editor at the New York Daily News, turned himself in today after seeing himself in a heavily distributed list of Kegs and Eggs chaos suspects (Times Union exclusive). Many more have been arrested and suspended in the last few days.

A lot of people are paying props to a Keep Albany Boring post that highlighted the Kegs and Eggs debauchery and launched it into viral stardom.

A dubstep remix of a Kegs and Eggs video has been circulating. We want to hear somebody remix this conservative talk radio show with great sound bites about KAB and Kegs and Eggs.

Last year a vote was cast to rename the student ghetto in an attempt to re-brand it and make it more educational and stuff. Among the choices were “Education District” and “The Zone”, which also doubles as a DP Dough calzone. Anton from the Hudson River Coffeehouse is suggesting “Student Square” because it is much less lame and might actually have a chance.

And finally, let’s recall a classic hit bragging about UAlbany partying by Neil Roche. The song mentions Kegs and Eggs and is set to the beat of Asher Roth.