OVER: Ticket Giveaway: Brenmar & gLAdiator at the Putnam Den, 10/6

It’s that time again! Last week at the Putnam Den with Andy Petr and the rest of the gang was awesome. I’m pumped to see Brenmar and gLAdiator this week! Big up to Skidisco for getting this show together!

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I’ll do the drawing tomorrow around noon and pick a commenter at random — keep watch!

Andrew’s Music Monday: THERE+BACK Edition

This Thursday we’re heading up north to play and wild out at a party called THERE+BACK at Putnam Den in Saratoga. The line up on the night is pretty diverse and will be a fun time.

Below you’ll find a bunch of sounds for you to enjoy to get you primed for Thursday!

Here’s a promo mix from Andy Petr for download, but if you’re more inclined to stream stuff, check below.

This Can’t Be Real by Andy Petr

Surprise August Slap Party!!!! by looney

There+Back #1 Promo Mix by macgregorbeats

Boogie Knights Live At Putnam Den – 5/3/11 by Tony Quattro

Party With Tina: THERE+BACK PROMO MIX by ents

Here’s the event’s facebook page which has more details! See you there!

BASS!MINT interview: Shigeto

This Friday, our friends down in New Paltz are bringing Shigeto of Ghostly International to Cabaloosa’s, alongside resident DJs Far East and Jack Inslee, as hosted by MC DRHU of Broken Teeth NYC. Shigeto will be playing a live set, complete with drums, synthesizer and sampler, as sequencing and looping on the fly. Much respect to the Ghostly label and I highly suggest peeking around their site, (you’ll even find once-upon-a-time local band Phantogram on there) and Shigeto is definitely one of the label’s standout artists in my book. Peep the event details here and check the full Q+A beneath the cut!

photo courtesy of ghostly

Given your background in classical jazz / drumming how was the transition process to working with electronic music? What was your introduction to electronic music, production, ghostly, etc? The transition was easy at first. It was all so new and exciting. When you have new things to work with, it’s easy to stay inspired.

I started listening to electronic music as a kid. Early Warp and Ghostly releases were my first inspiration, along with all the 90’s hip hop.

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Brostep to the beat

If I wasn’t a bit curious about the seemingly elusive DayGlow event, I simply would have trusted my gut and followed the trustworthy XLR8R guide to attending fad events, (such as Burning Man): don’t go.

However that slight curiosity got the best of me and Andrew and I chose to skip the massive line that began buzzing around 7 and showed up around 10 just in time to witness the beginning of what looked and felt like a shit-show-turned-into-a-rave-graveyard — cops everywhere, EMTs attending to those who went too hard, panicked girls with tears streaming down their faces, cops on horses, people pacing with their cell phones lit in their hands, people slipping on paint and breaking their fall with their heads and others escaping into taxies.

proof andrew is a good photographer

Once inside, it was a mass of UAlbany’s underclassmen donning white t-shirts, double-fisting $8 Bud Light Limes and scoping out the #redhothotties. I felt like I was at a massively overproduced movie that people paid for solely so that they could make out in public. However, it was actually more like that 3-5am period at an electronic music festival where nothing good happens and you write off your experiences the next day as simply lost in the Bermuda triangle of “festing”.

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DayGlow preview: DJ Prophet

Tonight is the sold out DayGlow Albany party at the Washington Avenue Armory. Alongside DJs Chuckie, Alex English (who we spoke to prior to this year’s Camp Bisco) and a couple others, 22 year old Saratogian DJ Prophet will also be doing his thing. He’s played out alongside some big names, such as Steve Aoki, Calvertron and rekLES (to name a few) and will be adding the sold out DayGlow event under his belt this evening.

Check the Q+A beneath the jump!

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