Udachi of Trouble & Bass at Paggliaccis

[tweetmeme]Udachi stopped at Albany on November 6th with The Swagger Tour to give us a little bass. I was living in Brooklyn this past summer and met a few of the T&B dudes through my internship so when they came to my town I had to show them love! I got there as Udachi was playing so sorry to the openers! Udachi did a stand up job and really let us have it. We were lucky to have them stop in Albany!

Check below to see a bunch of photos that sum up the night. To see the whole photoset, check the full set on flickr.

You’re silly if you missed this just because of the cover!

Albany Music Review: Around the World and Back – Songs To Sleep To

Around the World and Back have been around for a few years now playing indie rock made notable by great guitar tone and skill. Their latest release is an E.P. titled “Songs To Sleep To”. As far as album titles go, this is about as straight forward as things get. This is a soothing album meant to be listened to in your bedroom. If you’ve heard the band previousl, you know that they frequently employ great dynamics to make a song. However, it’s a nice change of pace hearing a finished project with a cohesive theme. While most bands just lump together a few good songs this really feels like an album. Also, the fact that it’s an E.P. is perfect because while 40 minutes of this kind of music might get a little boring, seventeen minutes of it is perfect.

One of the first things I noticed about the record is that the band weren’t afraid to take a step back and focus on the song. No one’s overplaying on any of this and it definitely adds to the overall feel of the record. The subtle slide guitars in the background are very reminiscent of Mazzy Star and reoccur through the album. All of these songs flow together so well that when I initially tried to review these song by song it just didn’t work. Everything from the melodies, to the instruments used, tones, lyrics, and even background effects all re-occur and blend together so well that you can often transition into the next song without really noticing.

With that said, after listening a few times there are a couple stand out tracks. “@$%^” is an instrumental interlude that combines digital drums with analog instruments that will appeal to fans of Thrice’s Water E.P. The other song that really stands out is the last song “Advice”. Distant drums and airy vocal harmonies give this a haunting feeling that really makes it sound like a closing track. The slide guitar returns again acting almost as a narrator of the album to tie everything together and the guitar solo in this is one of the best written pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time. It’s so subtle that you almost don’t notice how good it really is. Not to mention the tone is one of the best I’ve heard period. Guitar nerds take note, Marco Testa is the man to talk to when you want to geek out on gear.

This is an incredible E.P. that is also free. So really, there’s no reason to not be listening to this. Put it on in your bedroom, take a nap, make out with your girlfriend, smoke em if you got em, but just listen to this. Be on the lookout for a full length in early January.

The E.P. can be downloaded for free on Around the World and Backs Tumblr.

Any bands that would like to have their demo reviewed can send an e-mail to terranceconnell@gmail.com

Recap: Acoustic Music at Muddy Cup

Last Friday night, there was a really great show at Muddy Cup. The atmosphere was really warm and nostolgic. I really feel all the people there missed the old open mic days where everyone would come hang out and drink some coffee (or beer if you found an empty cup and went over to Price Chopper). The lineup was Caleb Lionheart, Nate Danker, Steve Layman and Terry Connell. Every act was great entertaining to say the least, and it was great to be able to catch up with old friends.

Steve Layman

Nate Danker

Caleb Lionheart

For a little sample of the music, check out the video below:

I hope more of these happen.