Gun Outfit, Rota, Snakecharmer, A. Joseph Weaver at The Treehouse

Olympia Washington based Gun Outfit will be headlining a show at The Treehouse alongside great local talent.

Gun Outfit has garnered some positive press lately from Stereogum and NPR.

From NPR:

As the Olympia punks in Gun Outfit have stretched out and let their hair down, the band’s vibe has followed suit, getting looser with each record. Recorded just before the duo’s move to L.A., Dream All Over is a dusty piece of good-time rock ‘n’ roll that just wants to hit the open road. That’s what appears to be the abstract narrative behind the video for “Legends Of My Own.”

Also on the show is Rota, Shakecharmer, and A. Joseph Weaver.

Check the links above, video below and mark your calendar for the 11th.

Sessions at Overit

Overit, who has recently finished setup of their studio has launched Sessions at Overit, a great way to showcase artists and their facility in tandem.

Sessions at Overit is a web series created to showcase international talent in the music industry. We ask bands to perform a few songs in our Albany, NY recording studio and talk a little about what inspires them.

You can view the full sessions on their website. Sessions so far include Philm, Greg Nash, Sit Kitty Sit, John Brodeur, and Owl. I just checked out the most recent session and it’s a really incredible effort on all those involved to create these sessions.

Thanksgiving Eve Show at Fuze Box

Fuze Box has a fun show slated for the day before Thanksgiving with Manfred Kidd, Titanics, Linear North, and Becoming a Ghost. The show is $5 and kicks off at 7pm.