Girl Blue “I Am Not A Star”

Girl Blue – real name Arielle O’Keefe – has been gaining ground around the Capital Region. Putting on performances that are at once sensitive and dynamic, she is poised to release her debut EP “I Am Not A Star” on October 5, 2016. The music video for her first single, Fire Under Water, premieres today, and she was able to answer some questions about the hard work and emotion behind her music.

Who is Girl Blue?

Good question. The answer changes for me all the time. It’s ever evolving. I think it’s like really emotional future rock-pop. I’ll get better at wording that someday. I had wanted to have some kind of separation from my ‘real’ name, which I had previously been putting music out under. Girl Blue was something I had been sitting with for awhile, I had been really influenced by Nina Simone and her record “Little Girl Blue” growing up, and there’s a Stevie Wonder song called “Girl Blue” that when I heard for the first time I went “well yup, yeah that’s me”. It just resonated with me. I had a friend tell me I was blue, my energy or whatever, around the same time. It felt like me, so I went with it.

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Jim “Kimo” West at Proctors: Ticket Giveaway

Proctors has a concert coming up on Saturday September 17 with Jim “Kimo” West to help say goodbye to summer. Proctor’s has been nice enough to offer us a pair of tickets to give away.

Best known as long-time guitarist for the worldʻs most successful musical comedy artist, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jim “Kimo” West is regarded as one of the world’s foremost “ki ho’alu” or Hawaiian “slack key” guitar artists.

Kimo’s work with Yankovic has earned 4 Grammys (and 9 more nominations), appearances on nearly every late-night talk show, and their most recent CD, “Mandatory Fun,” debuted at #1 on Billboard. (Plus, Kimo, Al and the rest of the band were on The Simpsons!)

If this sounds like your kind of thing, enter below. If you’re not the contest type, tickets are currently for sale directly from Proctors.

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