Sleep, X, Twin Peaks, Of Montreal, Real Estate and more coming to new venue at Crossgates

Skyloft, a new music venue and restaurant opening in Crossgates is opening with some big shows on their calendar. Not much info is available about the opening of Skyloft, other than “spring 2019”. Their website does already have their food and drink menus up.

Events already booked include Sleep, X, Twin Peaks, Of Montreal, Real Estate, and many more.

See all of the events at Skyloft on their ticketing website or facebook page.

Hieroglyphic Being at EMPAC: Recap

On Friday night at EMPAC, Goodman Studio 1 and all those inside it took a trip into space. The full wall behind Hieroglyphic Being was being projected with high definition video of the sun’s solar flares in stunning detail. While feeling small and insignificant in the presence of a star doing it’s thing, Hieroglyphic Being took us further into the orbit of his music.

Tonight: Aimee Mann at The Egg

Aimee Mann is performing tonight at The Egg with support from Jonathan Coulton. Tickets are on sale and are $34.50.

Aimee Mann was recently on a podcast I love called Song Exploder, which is “a podcast musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made”. This ends up giving you a much deeper look into the song, and those responsible for it’s creation. This episode was recorded live on a cruise organized by tonight’s opener, Jonathan Coulton.

Hand Habits: Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void)

Hand Habits\’s new album Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) was released earlier this month on Woodsist Records. Noisey has done a great interview with Meg, and Pitchfork had some great things to say about the album.

Give a few of the tracks a listen above, and seek out the whole album from your distribution channel of choice.

Photo: Shannon Straney