Must Shrug TV: Why It May Be Time to Let Community Go

NBC announced its midseason schedule yesterday; Community is not on it. I fear it’s not long for this world – something I hate to say that about my favorite current TV series, but I have to accept it. So much of the show works. It’s well-acted and well-written; the study group at the show’s core comprises a genuine ensemble of multi-faceted characters. Episodes teeter on a knife’s edge between absurd comedy and heartfelt drama without slipping into the excesses of either.

Community’s signature move is its theme episodes: full-length parodies of mafia movies, say, or of Westerns. One even spoofs the single-camera sitcom itself, in the form of a mock-mockumentary. Done poorly, these would be time-sucking detours, but writers and the cast have so thoroughly developed the characters’ relationships that even a show that overreaches or misses the mark enhances the series as a whole. There are bad episodes of Community, to be sure, but no unnecessary ones. It’s the first show in years where I make sure never to miss an episode.

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 19

Currently playing on WCDB, 90.9fm. Lock in and start your weekend.

Friday 9/9

Night at the Museum- Costume Dance Party Extravaganza, Benefit for the Living Walls Albany, $10 with a can of paint, 7pm fbook] Bonus: Catch up on KAB’s most recent coverage of the LWA on Brooklyn Street Art

The Red Lions with Emily Sprague at Sand Lake Center for the Arts, 7pm [fbook]

Up Against the Wall at HRCH, 10pm [fbook]

Local Rock ‘N Relief fundraiser for Hurricane Irene victims, 8pm [fbook]

Saturday 9/10

A Recycled Fashion Show at Grand Street Community Arts, 6pm [fbook]

“from The World’s Largest Collection of Photos of Unknown Poets” at the Arts Center, 6pm [fbook]

Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Leather Jewels, Preemptive Blessings at HRCH, 8pm [fbook]

Rapfest with GCE, Young Malk, Adam Warlock, etc. hosted by LoFi LoBo at Bogies, 9pm [fbook]

Summertime Fun: A Guide To Not Swimming

Are you a hydrophobic introvert who is being incessantly hounded to don the latest fashionable swimsuit and take the aquatic plunge? Do your friends insist on showing you a secret waterhole they claim only a select few know about? Is every grocery store’s beer aisle attempting to sooth you with the sweet sunny melodies of the Beach Boys? Well, worry no further my sweaty friend. I have composed responses to many of the things your water-loving cronies may say to you.

I always assumed stating the simple fact that I’m an aerobic organism that’s unable to respire underwater would be enough for people to understand why I prefer not to swim, but they continue to look at me like I just told them I occasionally molest gophers. What follows are some of the actual things people have said to me about swimming over the years. When I hear these things I usually just smile and nod or think of a lame excuse not to swim – like I don’t own a bathing suit (true) or I’m made out of starch and will disintegrate (not so true). But, I think I’ve finally had enough. While I could actually voice my opinion to these people face-to-face like a grown up, I will instead act like a true product of my generation and rant about it on a blog.

“It’s so much easier to move in the water.” No it’s fucking not. I absolutely guarantee I can run faster than you can swim. Michael Phelps can’t swim faster than a brisk jog. Also, I can prove mathematically that it’s not easier to move in water than it is in air. It’s called the drag equation (this is not a formula to become the best dressed man in women’s clothing – or the other way around).

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The Origin of my Strip Club Fascination

The following is a guest post from Kevin Ross.

After my ex told me she hated me and called me “a true dickhead”, I went to the strip club to get my mind off things. I went to a club called Shenanigan’s in Albany where I wasn’t carded and preceded to blow 200 dollars when I was only 18.

Inside of Shenanigans I met a Polish stripper who was a “teacher in Vermont” and told me something so profound that I still remember it this day. She told me, “I know you live a good life, because all of your teeth are white and straight”. After that, I thought this respectable woman was crazy; but she was so fine I gave her my entire cache of cash and told her she was mine for the night, to which she happily agreed. My first time in the strip club and I’m making these women mine…what do we call that?

We call that winning.

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Review: Jay-Z and Kanye West — Watch The Throne

The famous book Outliers: The Story Of Success states that to be an expert at anything you must’ve spent at least 10,000 hours of doing the specific activity. Which leaves, me, Kevin Ross, an expert at only three things: drinking excess amounts of alcohol, listening to tons of rap music and last, but not least, sleeping.

I’ve been a fan of hip hop since I can remember my sister schooling me on 2pac. There’s special moments that you treasure as a genuine fan. My own personal special moment, which I will forever remember, was Jay-Z’s 10th Anniversary Reasonable Doubt concert.

With that being said, Watch The Throne was pegged and marketed as one of those “special moments” in hip-hop. The greatest rapper of our lifetime, Jay-Z, and arguably this decade’s most influential producer teaming up to produce a cohesive work of art… I mean how could it not be greatness?

I ask myself that question repeatedly while listening to this album and still don’t have an answer for you, or for myself.

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