KAB Interview: Sean Rowe

As mentioned previously, Sean Rowe is playing his CD release show for his new album The Salesman and the Shark, out on Anti Records tomorrow at Valentine’s with the always amazing Railbird. It’s a guaranteed good time.

To celebrate, we’ve got a proper interview with the man himself, and Sean was kind enough to answer a few questions we had for him.

KAB: You’ve been creating music for quite some time, how do you remain inspired?
SR: I wake up and take a walk outside. Sometimes that does the trick. I listen to a lot of records. Old blues, 50’s 60’s soul. New stuff too although a lot that I hear coming out in the mainstream makes me yawn a little.

KAB: Do you have other, non-musical, creative outlets?
SR: Yes, I hit people. No, not really but I do forage for wild food when I can. This summer has been not so hot for wild fruits and vegetables. The severe drought has shriveled a whole lot out here in the northeast.

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