March for Science, Albany NY: Gallery

In cities nationwide, thousands of scientists and science-supporters gathered to show their dissatisfaction with the direction of the policies of President Trump. Below are a few photos from the March for Science in Albany NY.


Checking out Grassroot Givers


Grassroot Givers is a non-profit organization in Albany that has taken the idea of adaptive-reuse to the next level.

I stopped by Grassroot Givers’ location at 274 Washington Ave (remember that YMCA?) after seeing a post on reddit about the organization, their mission, and of course, the pools.

The amount of items they have is staggering. There’s two huge swimming pools; one open to the public, the other filled with donations to be cycled into the Book Project and the Community Store. The Community Store, which contains their housewares and clothing, is currently in the process of moving from the former men’s locker room to the larger pool, alongside the Book Project. Everything is donated to Grassroot Givers, and everything from them is given to those who need it. Teachers often donate books they no longer need, and are welcome to browse and take any books that would be useful in their classrooms. Books from their massive inventory are also placed into ten Little Free Libraries around Albany. Grassroot Givers also partners with shelters and other organizations that can help those in need to receive clothes for themselves and their families, or items for their homes, or both. All free.

If you’re looking to get involved, Grassroot Givers is hosting A Day of Simple Giving on November 5 from 10am to 1pm at St Sophia’s on Whitehall Road. During this event, you can sign up to volunteer alongside other community members to create useful items for local homeless shelters, create and assemble gift bags, make cookies for community dinners, and more. You may also volunteer to supervise one of these “Donation Stations.”

You can keep up-to-date with Grassroot Givers on their Facebook page or

The Shop, Troy


I was thrilled when I got notice that The Shop (which is not The Shoppe, also in Troy\’s downtown) has opened it\’s doors.

The space itself is great. They did a superb job allowing the space\’s past life as a hardware store shine through in its current incarnation. When I stopped by, they were putting the finishing touches on the space, but the drink and food menu were fleshed out and looking great. There is a front bar room for those looking to grab drinks with friends, and a separate back dining where you can sit and grab some food.

The bartender Nate fixed me The Forester, which is a homemade thyme-maple infused bourbon with Creme Yvette and lemon juice, and it was delicious. I also had a Tommy Gun (Tullamore Dew, Cointreau, apricot jam, and ginger infused simple syrup) which was excellent. The cocktail menu has a great selection of actual cocktails, not two-ingredient \”cocktails\” in a pint glass. Also on their drink menu are beer cocktails which are a nice way for beer drinkers to enjoy something new without jumping straight into the deep end. The Shop also boasts a beer list that includes nitro brews, many drafts, cans, bottles and of course wine as well.

Their Grand Opening is scheduled for 4:30pm on Halloween, which is also Troy Night Out. I strongly recommend checking this place out as soon as you can. It\’s already a part of my to-do list whenever I\’m in Troy. These bars with great cocktails are a new thing for the area and as someone who doesn\’t drink beer, I couldn\’t be happier.

Windham World Cup: Recap and Photos


Yesterday, I checked out the Windham World Cup. I unfortunately could only make Sunday’s races, but it was still really awesome to check out a huge caliber cycling event so close by.

The first race I caught was the Elite Women’s XCO (cross country) race. I posted up in the woods in a fast little technical section and the first lap through I was in shock at how quickly, smoothly and effortlessly these women were taking the section. The same thing with the men. Everything seemed effortless and spectating was awesome. From where we had posted up on the mountain, you could see a good deal of the huge course and keep track of who was where in the standings. The weather was beautiful and there was really no better way to spend the Sunday.

If you have even the smallest interest in cycling you should try to spectate at a cross country or cyclocross race. There’s tons in the area and there’s typically food trucks, vendors and more.

You can watch the cross country and downhill races both from Red Bull.

Artist Spotlight: Anthony DiMaggio & Chris Peterson


Anthony DiMaggio and Chris Peterson, both hailing from the Hoosick Falls area, were brought together by a force larger than their artwork alone. The two share many of the same perspectives and philosophies, often expressed in their work, and have taken it upon themselves to make it their life mission to not only uphold the values behind what they’ve deemed Life of Worth but to share those values with other like-minded people. Life of Worth began as a simple motto and grew into an artist collective, and arguably, a lifestyle.

Not only are these gentlemen extremely talented, but it is clear that they are very humble and honored for every opportunity to be able to share their work and viewpoints with others. From hosting art nights to inspire others to create in a comfortable, collective space, to hosting group shows, Life of Worth is working on building something greater.

I took the time to talk with both founding members in advance of their group show, which is opening tonight at the Flying Chicken in Troy and features the work of a handful of locally based artists. Hit the jump to check out our full interview and be sure to stop by the Flying Chicken as part of this month’s Troy Night Out.

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