Cooking class at Dali Mamma

Dali Mamma, a low-key whole-foods lunch spot nestled in a side street in Downtown Albany is expanding into night and weekend hours with different events. (A possible sign of the tipping point/demand in residential downtown living?)

Their first foray is an event 2:30 to 4:30pm this Sunday aimed at families and is a great Mother’s Day gift and activity. During the class you will learn to make a recipe, and take what you’ve made home.

In addition to this class, they will soon be hosting a yoga class, continuing their ‘Dali After Dark’ which hosts local musicians, and they’re hoping to bring in local breweries once they’ve gotten the green light from the SLA.

Keep up to date with Dali Mamma on their facebook or their website, and stop by soon.

All Things Aeropress at SMCo.

Word has it there are a few tickets left for a great coffee class happening at Superior Merchandise on Monday April 25.

Though many attempts have been made at revolutionizing coffee brewing methods, none have seemed to have as big an impact on our current coffee culture as the Aeropress. Invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the Aeropress has gone on to have enough appeal among baristas and home brewers to have a World Championship competition in its honor.

Attendees will witness and taste Aeropress brews of traditional recipes as well as a number of variations on other recipes. Time will be allowed at the end of class for folks to try out the brewers as well as have individual questions answered for current Aeropress owners.

If you are a coffee nerd or are trying to be one, this is for you. The Aeropress is the most hackable coffee brewer and the one I would personally recommend for people tiptoeing to the edge of the specialty coffee cliff. Also, the inventor, Alan Adler is the cutest old man ever.

Brew launching their own beer

In addition to many new products and categories at Brew, they’re launching their own beer.

The Brew Brew is a collaboration between Brew, Barkeater Coffee, and Chatham Brewing. Barkeater has been supplying Brew with their whole-bean Brew Blend for a while, so it’s a natural fit in the coffee maple amber ale, which will be brewed by Chatham Brewing. This beer will be unveiled during a tasting on May 6, which is the day before Tulip Fest.

Brew is located at 209 Lark Street and is open 12-9 all days except Sunday, when it’s open 12-6.