2011 Tour of the Battenkill

This Sunday the 10th, is America’s hardest single day race, The Tour of the Battenkill, and it’s happening about an hour away from Albany. This race is definitely deserving of the superlative as well. It’s 64 miles through the Battenkill Valley, with about a third of the race being on non-paved roads. The course also features 2900 vertical feet, with a maximum grade of 18%; which in regular people terms, is “I’m walking my bike up this hill” amount of steepness.

The race starts Sunday at around 10am, and there will be people on course until about 5pm. If you’re interested at all in spectating (you should be, it’s awesome), you’ll want to get there at about 1:45, as that’s when the Professional Mens race goes off.

Things to do: Albany Dodgeball

Every Thursday night 8-10pm at the Washington Ave Armory, there’s a group (the same group that does the Santa Speedo Sprint) that meets and plays pickup games of dodgeball. It’s $10 and the money goes to the rental of the space and the Albany Society for the Advancement of Philanthropy (I am never typing that again, ever). Pretty fun sounding gig for a Thursday night. Who knows, maybe you will meet someone and won’t have to bare the trials and tribulations of online dating. Definitely awesome for those of you who do the 4 day work week thing!

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