OUTPOST1 Preview: Joe Nice

It’s almost go time! This month’s OUTPOST1 is here on Friday! We’ve got an enormous guest coming from Baltimore to help tear the Fuze Box down. Joe Nice is universally credited for being North America’s ambassador to dubstep. Dude has been in the scene since before there was even a label for the genre. Keeping on with these nutty claims, he founded DubWar, the first dubstep party in America in ’05. He’s also the first American DJ to play on RINSEFM, first American to play DMZ and the first American to play FWD. Dang.

Even with the explosion of “American Dubstep” (which is usually just electro midrange chainsaw noises) Joe Nice is making moves to keep furthering the sound of real dubstep. With the tagline “low frequency with decency”, RECONSTRVCT is a new series in Bushwick for the real dubstep heads, catering to the open, airy and deep sound of true dubstep. You find out more about this event (and a ton about Joe) in an interview Bassfaced did with Joe Nice last month.

You can listen to Joe’s radio show for GourmetBeats below to get into Joe’s sound before OUTPOST1 this Friday. Download that jammer for the iPhone, it’s nonstop bangers.

Gourmetbeats Radio – July 2011 – Joe Nice by gourmetbeats

Quality events for this weekend vol. 16

Friday 8/12

Littlefoot playing on a sidewalk, 5pm free [fbook]

Sean Rowe, Marketplace Gallery, $10 8pm byob [fbook]

Beat*Shot Electric Co at Quintessence 10pm free [fbook]

Thom O’Connor “Then & Now” at the Albany Center Gallery [fbook]

The Farewell Drifters and The Landlines at Valentines, 9pm $10 [fbook]

Far Away: Addison Groove in Burlington [fbook]

Far Away: Silkie in Boston [fbook]

Far Away: M.Ward at MASS MoCA [fbook] *canceled*

Saturday 8/13

Slender Shoulders, Balto and Eric Margan at Valentines, 8pm [fbook]

Atmosphere, Northern Lights, $22 7pm [fbook]

KC’s Music Monday: Adventure Edition

This Friday, I am headed to Burlington, Vermont to reunite with our fine neighbors in the Mushpost crew. They are hosting Addison Groove (a.k.a. Headhunter) for an evening of fun bass music and rumored champagne from Super Soakers (let’s have at it!), in a brand new warehouse-turned-dance-studio venue space, called North End Studios. I personally don’t know anything about Burlington but I do know I’m more than game for a quick road trip to catch a live 808 set from Addison Groove.

I think so often we instinctually hit “No” on a Facebook event (or advocate for a “No-fucking-way” option) when we hear word that the event in question doesn’t take place in Albany. That’s just straight-up lazy and boring, now isn’t it? In fact, on the top of my party radar this month there are at least 3 events beyond Albany borders that I’d love to check out, including the two-year anniversary of TURRBOTAX® down in Brooklyn at the Cove (with Blawan and Robert Hood!) If you have the means available to facilitate breaking your comfortable routine of frequenting Lark Street bars on the weekends, why the hell not? Don’t let your summer fly by without experiencing some out of town vibes, silly!!!

In all seriousness, DEEP END™ in Burlington is packing a solid line-up between the hosts and the headliner. So in conclusion, if a party or concert or film festival or whatever sounds interesting to you, don’t let a 3-hour trip discourage you. Just go.

This video was taken at this year’s BLOC festival and was also featured in FACT Magazine, shot by The Orator of Mushpost.

#footcrab #footcrab #footcrab

Video ripped from Rinse FM on April 21, 2011.

I’m a lil’ bummed this falls on the same night as our party, but Boston heads check this out!

Fun Fact #1: There are two dubplates of this, Joe Nice has one and Mala has the other. Fun fact #2: Joe Nice is playing next week’s OUTPOST1! Fun fact #3: OUTPOST1 is in Albany at the Fuze Box! Help Fuze out and tell them what you think in this quickie survey. Also: Dwell OneUnit hooked up some dope handmade stenciled flyers for this month’s OUTPOST. Check the preview!

Carry on, party people, carry on.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 15

Sup. It’s hella nice outside.

Friday the 5th

In addition to the extensive list of places to check out during First Friday, be sure to stop by the UAG, bc this month’s featured artist is First Friday founder and organizer Michael Weidrich! 5-9pm Free [fbook]

Jordan Betten, Color Outside the Lines at Marketplace Gallery. 5:30pm [fbook]

Summer Preview Picnic at CAC Woodside. 6:30pm Free [ Previous Page«150151152153154»Next Page