Some quality events for your consideration vol 2

Friday the 25th: BBQ at the Free School, also BEWARE! and more at Troy Bike Rescue

Sunday the 27th: Darkest Hour at Northern Lights

Wednesday the 30th: Protest for Education at the NYS Capitol

Thursday the 31st: Lightning Bolt at Valentines!

Saturday April 9th: First 2011 Albany Alleycat (Bicycle Scavenger Hunt!)

I try not to go too far into the future, so that’s it for this round!
If you know of something post it in the comments, or better yet, add it to the events page!

Andrew’s Music Monday: OUTPOST1 Recap

Oh yes. Friday, again went off without a hitch. We got in Brother Suarez from Heady Pro to roll through and smash up the crowd. Deep Children, of course, did their thing and brought the night home with a little b2b action thrown in for good measure too. Absolute smasher night, and I can’t thank everyone enough for making this continue to happen. Next month, we’ve got our first non-local coming through, and you may know of him. Hit the event link up top.

photos: andrew franciosa

For my Music Monday, I’m going to give you two tracks I’m in love with at the moment.

The Heatwave refix of this song is big, but no where online yet. Jamie xx really knows his shit and it shines in every track I’ve heard from him.

This is such an obvious one, but it kills me every time I hear a DJ on Rinse play it. Apparently the business with this track is that no one knows who’s behind it. It’s hyped up through the god-damn roof, but deserves it.

And if you’re unfamilliar with Ghosts on Tape, shoot over to his sound cloud and get educated, you’ve got a month!

Bunch more OUTPOST 1 photos after the jump. Full set is on my flickr.

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You cannot ignore the moon

If you partied with KAB last night, you made a wise decision.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came out last night, helping Fuze Box reach capacity (again) and for showing Brother Suarez, Party With Tina and Deep Children proper love.  Yes.

Of course, there is the unfortunate possibility you might’ve hung outside for 45+ minutes, potentially sneaking sips of old recipe Four Loko, waiting to get in.  Lesson learned for next time — get there earlier.

Inevitable reliving of last night via photo madness, check.  Getting weird into the morning hours under the nearly full moon, check.

Moon party T-shirts, not coming soon.

The full moon has been linked to everything, ranging from the bad to the good to the inexplicably weird.  The list spans out to include crime, suicide, DWI’s, natural disasters, emergency room visits, sleep walking, fertility, werewolves, anxiety, behavior shifts, etcNumerous studies have been conducted investigating the causal relationship of celestial patterns but the findings have been few and far between.  The studies conducted in 1996 by Ivan Kelly, James Rotton and Roger Culver narrowed it down to people believing in lunar myths, despite the inconclusive scientific musings, due to the media’s up play of urban legends, folklore, and communal reinforcement of full moon phenomena.

Tonight, take that alleged weirdness and multiply it.

The moon will be considered a “supermoon” or “perigee moon” tonight for the first time since March of 1993.  Due to the moon’s oval-shaped orbital path, the moon will be about 50,000 km closer to Earth than it is as an apogee moon.  NASA reported that the moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.  Technically, the moon will be less than one hour away from perigee–a “near-perfect coincidence,” said Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC.

It’ll be hard to really tell the difference between tonight’s moon and what we normally see but it’ll be worth looking for.  Best time is when the moon is near the horizon to witness the full experience.

Make tonight good-weird.  Just not car-flipping weird.

Neighborhood Clean-Up. This Friday, March 18th.

LeeFrances shot me an email detailing plans to get a group together to clean up the shrapnel from the post Kegs and Eggs 2011 Pine Hills area. So far there’s a good group that have confirmed attending.

Gloves and bags will be provided. If you can’t make it on time, give her a shout at 518.227.1834 and she’ll let you know where they are so you can join.

Head over to the facebook event to RSVP and for more details. I wish it was only those who caused this mess cleaning this, and the rest of the city up, but clearly being responsible for your actions is way beyond the scope of that crowd. I’m very thankful that LeeFrances organized this and there’s enough support from reasonable beings in the area to make this happen. A bit of my faith in humanity has been restored.

Recap: Evolution at Jillian’s

On Friday, March 4, hundreds of people wandered out of winter hibernation with curiosity, a hunger for something different and a desire to dance.  Jillian’s, in recent months, has been changing its scene, being jolted back to life as a prevailing music venue in the Capital Region.

The full album is on Andrew’s flickr — go find the pictures of you and your friends! Thanks to Justin for reaching out and throwing a huge event!

For this evening’s event, Vúdoo Productions transformed the dance club into a mini electronic festival, with a commitment including displayed art, a deco installation, a down tempo artist’s lounge, on-the-spot massages from Dustin Campbell and Jessah Price of The Bear’s Massage, body painting, video projections by Drew Suto, Psydream and Psydrack, various fire performances, a Tree Shurt merch table and an eclectic mix of electronic musicians.  Evolution grew out of a series of parties held at Red Square, called Cosmic Wave, and is bringing something that is huge in other places but new to Albany.

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