Andrew’s Music Monday: Party With Tina

Friday is the next OUTPOST1 party in our monthly residence at Fuze Box! We’re super pumped to be having DJ MikeQ from NJ coming up to show us what’s good in today’s ballroom/vogue sound. To get you all ready for the dubstep portion of our parties, I took it upon myself to make a PTW mixtape for you to rinse before then. Peep the mix (cop it too, downloads are enabled) below the flyer! Also, keep your eyes peeled for some dreamy treat for your ears sometime later today…

Party With Tina May OUTPOST1 Mix by ents

Scotty’s Music Monday Tuesday: Outpost Relay

Sup its Mycon!!!!!!!
Hope everyone liked Ghosts On Tape as much as us DJs did. When he dropped ‘Wouldn’t You Like to be a Hoe’ by DJ Slugo I was the happiest man in the club. The next day we took him to Miss Albany for a taste of that Mad Irish business, and dug through old rave 12″s at Last Vestige. He was down with our fair city! Really one of the pioneers in the new wave of US house/bass – check out new Ghosts On Tape records coming out in the near future.

Going right into next months Outpost1 guests so you have an idea of what’s going on. We got our fam Dwell coming through. Dwell lives around the corner from me, where he has awesome BBQs that I always miss cause I’m out riding mopeds. He started DJing in Albuquerque, but in our city is big in both the DJ and art worlds; It’s really thanks to dudes like Dwell that those are the same thing in Albany. Dwell gets everything in from Rare groove to dubstep, he’s a crate-digger in the classical sense of the word. Check this mixtape of the former. It’s that goodness.

mixone, funky groove, diggin in a digital world by dweller518

Mike Q is headlining our party in May, coming off an XLR8R podcast that blew up the world, he is now everywhere. The background of his sound (BALLROOM!) deserves a good story, and I suggest you check that out here… this music is like the best elements of classic rave and NY house, baltimore club sampling fun, and Detroit/Chicago booty raunchiness.

OUTPOST1: April Roundup

Tonight is the night! If you’re not sure what this “OUTPOST1” is, this will help you out, as well as get you ready for tonights festivities. OP1 is a dance night that we (KAB+Deep Children) put on every third Friday at Fuze Box.

Here’s the lowdown for tonight, via the facebook event:

For this month, we’ve got WCDBs Andrew White on some Detroit & Chicago sounds, new and old. Then we’re going into the sound of Deep Children’s Mycon who will be rinsing his signature taste of bmore, house, funky and the like. The mighty GHOSTS ON TAPE from SF will then be keeping everyone moving! Then to keep the night heavy, we’ve got some Party with Tina and Looney of Deep Children b2b dubstep action. It’s going to be the absolute realness.

With that, we have a bunch of goodies for ya to check out:

Word up! Hope you all come out and have a super fun night tonight. That’s the point, come enjoy the vibes, and get there early so you don’t miss out on any of the DJs!

OUTPOST1 Interview: Ghosts On Tape

We’re only a day away from the next Outpost1! ¬†For those locked in, take a minute and get to know this month’s guest DJ – Ghosts On Tape.

There’s a plethora of reasons to be excited about the fact he’s flying into Albany¬†all the way from SF and this interview just reinforces the awesome. Be stoked as hell for what’s beneath the jump!

ghosts on tape
photo daiana feuer

In the game since: been making tracks since 1998. did my first live PA at a rave in 2000. been producing and performing under the Ghosts On Tape moniker since 2005.

What are some of your recent favorites (or aged guilty pleasure) tracks that you consistently enjoy? Do you have any “never fail” or “go-to” tracks? really been feeling Tony Lionni’s tracks, Lone, a lot of UR stuff, almost anything on Rush Hour, the new Lando Kal joints are really blowing my mind lately too. “go-to” tracks would be “Work That Motherfucker” by Steve Poindexter, “This is Acid” by Maurice Joshua, and some other ones that i can’t reveal. don’t wanna give away my secrets and ruin any surprises!

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