OUTPOST1 Mix and Interview: Doctor Jeep

Doctor Jeep is Andre Lira from Boston, and is playing at Outpost1 this Friday. We hang out with him on Facebook or Ustream or Turrbotax or wherever else, and he’s a fun-loving young man with some murderous productions. I heard his track ‘Level II’ on XLR8R a few months ago and have played it in most of my DJ sets since then, cause it’s the bomb. Andre did us a tight lil partytime mix below, way to revive Missy Elliot ‘Lose Control’ from the vaults! KC‘s interview after the jump. Before the party on Friday, tune in 6-10pm on WCDB 90.9 fm for the usual OUTPOST1 Takeover. Cause you know there’s fun to be had.

photo © Dave Tschiegg

Outpost1 Minimix by doctor jeep

In the game since: 2008

How did you first get into the good business of DJing and making music? Do you identify more with being considered a producer or a DJ? I’ve written some form of music since like middle school, but started making dance music freshman year in college and DJing at parties we had in my apartment around the same time. I like both titles equally, but there’s something way more rewarding about producing a song that I think will only appeal to me and my weird tastes and hearing that other DJs are playing it out in France or Russia or pretty much anywhere other than my bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, hanging out and mixing with my friends is probably my favorite pastime, but in Boston I’d say I’m more well known for producing than DJing.

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview!

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Quality events for this weekend vol 8

It’s almost Friday (Friday, gotta get down). Time to start figuring out which seat to take. This weekend is special to us at KAB simply because our OUTPOST1 party/rave/rager is this weekend. The lineup is Contakt, Cunei4m, Deep Children and Party With Tina, over at the Fuze Box, at 10pm on Friday night.

We’ve got an interview with Contakt and an interview AND mix from Cunei4m to help you get your dance moves in order for Friday.

We will also be on the airwaves from 6-10pm on 90.9fm on Friday mixing and talking with all of the DJs from this edition of OUTPOST1.

Thursday 6/16

See You In Hell, XBrainiaX and Coughing Fit. Valentines. 6:30p. $6. [link]

Friday 6/17

OUTPOST1: Contakt, Cunei4m, Deep Children, Party With Tina. 10pm Fuze Box $5. [fbook]

Skadee, The Steakouts, The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, The Wars End. Valentines 8p $7 [fbook]

Griffin & the True Believers, _11:34, the Entire Staff of NASA. HRCH. 8p. [fbook]

Art Night Schenectady 5pm [fbook]

Three, Nightmares for a Week, The Ricochet in Saugerties. 8p [fbook]

Saturday 6/18

Troy’s River Street Festval 10am Free [fbook]

OUTPOST1 interview: Contakt

The June edition of Outpost1 is packing a doubleheader and both DJs agreed to let me pester them with questions in continuing the mixtape + interview series we’ve been happily curating. On Monday, we released the beast of a mixtape from Cunei4m (which, btw, is available for download), as well as the Q&A. Open it up in a new tab and re-familiarize yourself before Friday if you fancy. Anyhow, to bring the interviews twofold, I am pleased to present to you all the second of the pair with Contakt.

Here’s Scott with the on-point introduction: Contakt has been running the TURRBOTAX┬« parties in NYC for the past few years, booking the most cutting edge DJs in America, London, and beyond. Many of those DJs make their NY debut at TURRBOTAX┬«. Contakt’s debut EP on Local Action explores golden-age Detroit techno through the lens of modern UK Bass.

photo © Francesca Tamse

So.. let’s get to it… HIT THE JUMP!
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OUTPOST MIX #4 + Interview: Cunei4m

Hi, this is Scott b2b KC. I met Cunei4m when he saw a post I made on here about how everyone should be listening to Mosca productions. Then I started regularly going into his yardcasts. Then we started rappin’ hours at a time on Facebook chat, in which we’ve thoroughly analyzed everything from Transmat records to Soul food to how riding mopeds makes you evolutionary superior to your fellow man. Below is probably my favorite mixtape we’ve put out there so far, it bangs really hard. The party this Friday will be serious business.
KC on the interview duties below!

When I received the interview questions back in my inbox, there was a disclaimer attached — reminding me that I just interviewed a writer…as well as an immaculate DJ, a good friend and a fellow night owl… and so as a result, “shit is LOOOOOOOOOONG.” Yeah, well, guess what, we’re posting it allllll…. This is one of my favorite interviews to date and comes recommended, all while playing the OUTPOST1 mix available conveniently above…

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OUTPOST1 Mixtape and Interview: MikeQ

Sup it’s Mycon and KC. This is the third Outpost1 mixtape, created by none other than DJ MikeQ, whom we’re very excited to say will be visiting us this Friday at the Fuze Box, to have fun wrecking the club with Deep Children, Party With Tina and Dwell.

Not only that, but KC interviewed him. I love Mike’s answers and can’t wait to meet the man. Check it out beneath the jump and show love this Friday!

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