Keep Albany Boring’s Guide To Halloween

Most importantly, remember Halloween weekend is just like any other weekend out of the year. It has the potential to absolutely suck, the potential to get you arrested for unassumingly wandering into a 300+ person bro party (good job with that party, btw) and the potential to be better than last weekend. Two years ago on Halloween, I ended up choosing to be the designated driver for my friends and safely drove home a person I met for the first time, who now has bought me several “thank you” drinks scattered throughout the years every time he sees me out at a bar. Last weekend, I did the same thing, just not awkwardly dressed as Coraline.

andrew working on a hurricane tallboy six pack at 10am, all in the name of halloween

Halloween weekend very closely follows the Keep Albany Boring Guide To Partying, except with a costume-related focal point. You might be one of those people claiming Halloween is your absolute favorite holiday of all time as the weekend approaches. And if not, lighten up. If you hate Halloween, you’re setting yourself up for accidentally dressing as a wallflower when you could be taking full advantage of the opportunity to be the Gaga you always wanted to be dancing on stage tonight at Fuze Box for OUTPOST1 Halloween Edition.

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 23

This post seems a little light so if I missed something — leave it in a comment!

Friday October 21

Occupy Albany [fbook]

Caleb Lionheart, One Win Choice, Astpai at the HRCH 8pm [fbook]

J.Cole, Armory 7pm [fbook]

Zombie Film Feast 4 at The Linda [fbook]

Pinkerton’s 15th Anniversary Tribue Show, Valentines 8pm, [fbook]

Our own party!
OUTPOST1 with Dave Q, Knomad, Looney, Party With Tina, free until 11 [fbook]

Saturday October 22

Watson Explained, RPI, 9am, free [via]

Zombie Film Feast 4 at The Linda [fbook]

Gwar and Everytime I Die at Northern Lights, 7pm, $20 [via]

OUTPOST1 interview: Dave Q

OUTPOST1, October edition, is this Friday! For this month, we’ve got Dave Q, one of the original heads responsible for America’s best and original dubstep party, Dub War. As per our usual OP1 pre-party protocol, Dave Q graciously sat down with us for a good ole fashioned Q + A.

Photo via Brooklyn Bass

Bonus: Be sure to check out (and download for free) the latest sounds of Dave Q here. Also scope October’s promo mix from Party With Tina here.

Get to know this month’s guest beneath the jump!

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Music Monday: Knomad edition

Here’s a dose of some past, present and future action courtesy of your elusive friend Knomad.

First up, a dose of the past to educate you on the future. OUTPOST1 headliner Dave Q has been a busy man this month in NYC, repping the sounds of juke, reggae, dubstep and beyond. Most notably was a one night return to stage for Dubwar. Understanding the “not to miss” factor here, I was in attendance. If you weren’t, luckily Percussion Lab was on the scene recording and streaming, and we all get to thank them for this little gem:

Next up is the present. Hot off the wire today, we’ve got a free EP from Mosca in honor of his 5000th twitter follower. On a bit of a different tip for him, but it’s free so support the producers giving it up for nothing. Download here.

Finally, a little teaser for the future. One of my favorite DJs hands down is a man they call MA1. While his production catalog is limited, everything that the man releases is clean, glossy and produced to keep your ass moving during that peak time. I’ve been waiting on this EP for ages (release date is 10/18), and to wet my pallette more, Deep Teknologi Records dropped these teasers on Soundcloud around 2 months ago. Bonus: DJ MA1 is on RinseFM Saturdays 2-4PM EST (3-5PM once daylight savings hits us).

MA1 – Elektron by Deep Teknologi Records

You can check out the other 3 tracks on his soundcloud here.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 20

Friday September 16th

We’re officially a year old today and we’re throwing another banger tonight at the Fuze Box. New friend Knomad along with OP1 residents PWT and DC. More details on the OP1 fbook event. Free before Midnight.

Here’s a video from last months party, with Joe Nice:

Living Walls Performs: First Annual Performance Art Festival, 99 Pine St, Albany 8pm $5 [fbook] Bonus: Follow KAB+BSA’s guide to LWA.

The Official Living Walls Albany Party, Quintessence 10pm [fbook]

Saturday September 17th

LarkFEST [via]

Sunday September 18th

Living Walls Albany Artists Meet & Greet, McGearys, 10pm free [fbook]