EDGE at Albany Center Gallery

This Friday, the Albany Center Gallery is opening a new exhibit and will be hosting the artist’s reception from 5-8pm for their new show, EDGE. The exhibition runs from May 1 to July 24 and features artist that aren’t typically featured in galleries.

EDGE is the presentation of artists who transcend traditional media, rendering, and representation to create thought-provoking, raw, and unconventional works of art. Through the implementation of popular iconography, typography, found objects, and public spaces, these artists move beyond expectation and into the realm of outsider art.

The term “outsider art” simultaneously unites these artists and by definition highlights the fact that each is exceptional in their purpose and execution. EDGE is a unique spectrum of formally-trained and self-taught artists who are employing recognizable and unexpected media, which results in movable and immovable; permanent and ephemeral; and abstract and representational works of art. Featuring local and regional artists Scott Michael Ackerman, Michael Conlin, Han Dogan, Gregory Maxwell Dunn, Michael Eck, James Paulsen, Rico Pendejo, Patrick Porter, Erik Savage, Frank Smith, Thierry Taule, and Alex Waters.

Read more about the event on facebook and head down to the gallery on Friday.

Photo courtesy of Greg Maxwell Dunn and Albany Center Gallery

A-Holes: A Type Book on Kickstarter

Curtis Canham, a local designer and typography enthusiast is making a book about the negative space in the letter A, or more simply put, A-holes. The book and campaign has gotten press from Fast Co., Design Taxi, and Creative Bloq. Curtis even sent two A-Hole cakes to acclaimed typographer, Jessica Hische to promote the book.

If you’re interested in typography, head over to the Kickstarter page and check out the project. Current rewards include the book, t-shirts, an A-hole postcard, and more. At the time of publishing, the book is 65% funded with 12 days to go. Be sure to check out the sample of the book which shows how great the finished book will be.

You can help make this fun typography book a reality and get some goodies while you’re at it!

Mary Norris at the NYS Museum

Mary Norris is the famed copy editor of New York Magazine, and is affectionately known as ‘The Comma Queen’. Mary will be reading from her new book in the Huxley Auditorium at the NYS Museum on Thursday, April 9 at 8pm. She will also be giving an informal seminar in Humanities 354 at UAlbany earlier in the day.

Mary was recently on one of my favorite podcasts reading an excerpt of her new book, titled Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen. Mary was also recently on an NPR Author Interviews segment if you’d like to hear more from her, or get a bit more acquainted with her.

If you’ve got any love for the art of putting words together, you’ll love the segments above. And I bet you would also love hearing her read from her new book on Thursday.

Mary will also be doing a Reddit AMA today, Tuesday April 7 at 11am.

Illustration by Javier Jaén; Karen A. Racz

Youth FX at The Spectrum

Tomorrow, The Spectrum will be hosting Youth FX, Albany’s award winning teen filmmaking program, which is part of Grand Street Community Arts. All of the proceeds go to the program, and after the screenings there is a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Among the wide range of topics the Youth FX filmmakers explored this past year were documentaries about local refugee youth, a profile of a local legend from Grand Street, a story of two girls who fall in love against the wishes of one of their fathers, an exploration of Black hairstyles, and the program’s first film written, directed and starring an all Karen, Burma cast.

Tickets are on sale now, and you can see more info on the event page.

Troy, NY posters by Phil Pascuzzo

Troy Cloth & Paper posted up a fun event for this month’s Troy Night Out, which features a spectator friendly production run of a really awesome poster designed by Phil Pascuzzo.

From the event page:

Every Troy Night Out we live-print a framable art print which has been designed by a different local artist. The only time these will ever be printed is between 5-9pm on that particular Troy Night Out.

These posters are super limited and are only printed for 4 hours, so if you can’t make it you can pre-order a poster and have it shipped, or pick it up.

If you can, do your best to make it to Troy Cloth & Paper during TNO and grab one of these awesome posters.