Community Cries Fowl Over Albany’s Urban Chickens Ban

Chickens. Vegans love to save them, carnivores love to eat them, and many folks in the great City of Albany would love the chance to raise them for eggs. Problem is, there stands a law on the books that forbids them within City limits, under the premise that they are “incompatible with City life”.

Enter the Albany Chicken Coalition. A concerned group of citizens has taken it upon themselves to change this law because, frankly, it’s just wrong. The law is built on a dated, (and false) premise. Chickens absolutely belong in cities — they have existed in them for thousands of years, and continue to thrive in cities big and small throughout the world. In the US, cities such as New York, Chicago, LA, Austin, Portland and so on allow chickens, and more cities every day are amending their legislation to follow suit.

Chickens are clean, quiet and adapt well to small spaces. They are easy and fun to care for. They eat food scraps, produce nitrogen-rich fertilizer for your garden, and give you delicious, healthy protein in the form of eggs. As anyone who has a garden knows, being a part of your food cycle is not only a deeply rewarding experience, it’s a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Urban agriculture contributes to food safety and food security as well as a vibrant community’s social life. It is detrimental to the health and vitalization of our cities to continue to believe in the misconception that cities should solely be consumers and not producers.

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Recap: Lightning Bolt, Girls of Porn, Beware!

If you were looking to relax from your work week, hanging out at Valentine’s last night was definitely not going to help you find anything remotely close to calm solace, to say the least.  The bill for this show garnished a necessary, chaotic, pick-me-up many had been waiting for all month. For those anticipating kicking the weekend off on a weird, PBR-and-synth-infused note, Valentine’s was the place to be. Sweaty, loud and packed to nearing capacity.

Upon arriving at Valentine’s, scoping out the crucial (upstairs or downstairs?) and haphazardly ducking up the stairs and into the crowd, it dawned on me fairly quickly that I’d be kicking myself later for forgetting my earplugs.

The only normalcy of this evening was that the show took some time to get off on its feet.  An hour plus in and the first and only band to grace the actual stage got started.  Everything else about last night as a whole felt weird, or at least a little bit off, to me.  Good weird or bad weird, musically for me it varied, but I’ll leave it up to you.

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Protest today at the NYS Capitol

Today, there are 15 buses from across New York unloading people who are set to protest the proposed budget from Governor Cuomo. This is a last ditch effort to have Cuomo reconsider the $100M cuts to the State Universities across New York, while simultaneously letting the higher income tax surcharge expire for the states highest earners.

The rally is set for 1pm and is expected to be over a thousand strong. There will be updates throughout the day here with pertinent information.

First edit: Today marks the monumental day when the State Capitol of New York placed their largest order for delivery pizza. [lohud] [thanks for the tip off Donges]

Made to Perplex Us?

Alexandra LoSordo is joining the KAB team with reviews of local art shows. Welcome!

I was overcome with nothingness when I was exposed to Robert Swainston’s exhibit in the Massry Center for the Arts at the College of Saint Rose, which registered as strange to me considering I’m a very emotional person. At first glance, his use of lithography, silkscreen, woodblock, and etching seemed unimpressive – just blocks of color, overlapped with more blocks of color, while occasionally incorporating images. However as I got closer to each piece, I found I was immersed in his creation of another dimension, which was made apparent in his use of bends, folds, and cut outs of the various materials.

With every longer gaze, I appreciated the show more. I especially enjoyed his combination of natural elements (such as animal print and tree bark patterns) with prints and mixed media in linear forms. Continue reading…

Way cooler than Amtrak

As as design and typography nerd, I see this image all the time. Today, I finally figured it’s time to figure it out, one super easy google search later, and the mystery is solved.

Long story short, Boston and Albany was a railroad company, which was fully operational starting in 1835. It’s seen a whole bunch of changes and is now mostly operated by Amtrak, except for the far east of it. Unfortunately, most of the history lies in Boston where B&A was started. Read the full history over at the Boston and Albany Wikipedia article.