Recap: Bassnectar at the Washington Avenue Armory

Last night, 4,500 of our closest friends flocked around the outside of the historic Washington Avenue Armory and pulsed inside for hours, hands up and asses out. Bass heads were summoned, from all over the Capital Region and beyond, to board the mother ship back home to get lost in the spacey electronic sounds for a few fast-paced hours.

Bassnectar, the moniker for DJ and electronic music producer Lorin Ashton, attracted an eclectic and colorful crowd to the auditorium, where everyone communally drank up the sweet nectar of his sound swarm. Also hitting the decks were opening acts Eliot Lipp and EOTO. It was truly impressive that this show started on time, given that the staff had to accommodate an event that was at capacity for the entire evening, as well as host a solid bill of 3 different electronic acts. Despite the scattered line outside the Armory, which stretched around the block, moving fairly quickly, I still didn’t catch a single beat from Lipp. Eliot Lipp accompanied Bassnectar on 10 shows of his majority sold out spring tour, which spanned the east coast from Providence to Burlington to Portland to Boston, with a final stop in our fair city.

Lipp recently released a collaborative remix album, Brolabs, which you can download here for free. Highlight tracks include “It’s Time To Leave,” remixing with Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic on “Yeah,” and Mux Mool on “The Outside.” Each song was created with a personal touch and some face time, not done via trading samples over the Internet. He’s up to some good things these days and I recommend you keep him on your radar upcoming, especially with this summer’s festival spread in mind.
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Albany Bicycle Coalition: Bicycle Month 2011 Events

The Albany Bicycle Coalition is a rad organization which you may have never hear about that helps Albany to move forward with regard to bicycling. Most likely they’ve helped get bike racks in front of your favorite spots in the city. They always do May Bike Months and here’s the schedule for this years! The rest of this post is copy-pasta from their press release.

The Albany Bicycle Coalition (ABC), a not-for-profit organization supporting bicycling in the Capital Region, has announced its roster of events for the May 2011 – Bicycle Month 2011. ABC’s Bicycle Month 2011 runs from April 29 to June 12, 2011.

The events include a kick-off Bike Expo 2011, several urban rides including an historic mansion tour, bicycle-themed movies, tune-up clinics, a blessing of the bicycles, and art tours. It wraps up with a three-night camping outing at Thompsons Lake State Park.

More info of course, on their website.

2011 Tulip Fest Survival Guide

Are you one of the millions that are just like, oh so mad that the City of Albany will continue to enforce laws on May 7th and 8th? Are you going to brave the beer tents where the median mass of each patron is twice that of yourself? Do you need a place to go where there will be cars that you can punch in the face in the name of a made up Albany holiday? Well listen here rule breaker; I’ve commissioned a team of scientists to formulate a way just for you to be able to see some band you don’t know and be drunk simultaneously. Behold the science that awaits you below.

Tang Gallery at Skidmore

Illuminated creature-like structures pulled me into the Alumni Invitational 3 room upon entering the Tang Gallery at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. These perfectly constructed and stunningly beautiful creations are a collaboration of art and design, which showcase Johnny Swing’s thoughtful and environment-friendly use of satellite dishes and various types of glass jars. The figures are large without being ominous. They are oddly inviting, asking you to walk through the black, metal arches and plant yourself underneath the span of radiant and peaceful light.

After swinging through the metallic archways, I was faced with Bradley Castellanos’ large color photos that he cropped, cut, and layered with oil, acrylic paint, and resin. His works explore the conflict between beauty and destruction. He takes devastated scenes (typically demolished man-made structures embedded in nature) and makes them beautiful and vibrant by overlapping different techniques onto the photo, such as adding unnatural colors, like turquoise, to natural scenes. Bones and rib cages entwined in vines and tree trunks made his piece “Choke” stand out the most.  It gave me the vibe that nature is evil, which is quite contradictory to the typical view of nature being a place of innocence and tranquility.

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Local tweeter looks for a #winning

When it comes to Twitter celebs there are a handful of obvious choices – such as @MCHammer, @snacksthecat, @big_ben_clock, and @Sn00ki – but one local tweeter, @patrickdodson, is looking to get on their level by #winning the @timesunion Best of 2011 “best local tweeter” category. His name appears on the ballot alongside the Times Union itself.

“I like to think I’ve been ‘tweeting’ my whole life, just never via web until 2008,” said Dodson, a 23-year-old photojournalist who splits his time between Albany and the Berkshires. “I use Twitter skills IRL too, by speaking @ people and emphasizing certain words similar to hash-tagging.”