OUTPOST MIX #4 + Interview: Cunei4m

Hi, this is Scott b2b KC. I met Cunei4m when he saw a post I made on here about how everyone should be listening to Mosca productions. Then I started regularly going into his yardcasts. Then we started rappin’ hours at a time on Facebook chat, in which we’ve thoroughly analyzed everything from Transmat records to Soul food to how riding mopeds makes you evolutionary superior to your fellow man. Below is probably my favorite mixtape we’ve put out there so far, it bangs really hard. The party this Friday will be serious business.
KC on the interview duties below!

When I received the interview questions back in my inbox, there was a disclaimer attached — reminding me that I just interviewed a writer…as well as an immaculate DJ, a good friend and a fellow night owl… and so as a result, “shit is LOOOOOOOOOONG.” Yeah, well, guess what, we’re posting it allllll…. This is one of my favorite interviews to date and comes recommended, all while playing the OUTPOST1 mix available conveniently above…

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Art on Lark: Photo Recap

It’s Art on Lark! Go enjoy some of the awesome artists that you’re fortunate enough to live near. There’s also a ton of other awesome shit and all of the galleries are open. Go before it rains again! I was lucky enough to get there after the first rain when everyone had scurried away. There were a lot of people about and a lot of people were still arriving when I left.

The following is from Jennifer Grainer at the former Planned Parenthood.

Greg Dunn working on the Living Walls support wall.

Work in progress RADICAL!

Soap made in Albany, this stuff smelled amazing.

This guy!

RADICAL! in the wild.

Some bits from the Existing Artists booth.


From the UAG show.

Go check it out! There’s tons and tons I’m sure I missed so go enjoy the cool weather and rad art. Do it!

Preview: across the street art

Within a 30-second walk from one block to another, Lark Street will play host to two very different shows in two very different spaces that are totally worth checking out tonight during the June edition of Albany’s First Friday. Among the complete list of events, the Planned Parenthood building and the Icarus Dreams Gallery will be transformed, literally overnight in some cases, into two diverse art collections with almost opposite and unique vibes that showcase local talent and local volunteer efforts.


During a conversation on the stoop outside of the Icarus Dreams Gallery and over some time-killing (and necessary) Thai food, I learned about the background and mission of the Albany sector of the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) for the first time. For those (like myself) not previously in the know, USCRI is a nation-wide committee, based in D.C., that assists refugees with resettlement into the American culture, economy and daily life.

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Quality events for this weekend vol 6

It couldn’t be a more perfect day for you to go out and actually do things, now could it? And to further weaken your case for being a hobbit, here’s a list of all the things worth considering this weekend.

Friday June 3rd

It’s First Friday. It’s fun to walk around, see art and see some friends that are doing the same thing. My personal recomendations would be the Marketplace Gallery on Broadway, the Albany Underground Art Exhibition at the former Planned Parenthood and Icarus Dreams Gallery, both on Lark. [fbook]

Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Linda. 8pm, $8 [fbook]

Saturday June 4th

Kidney Mosh 2 at Bogies. A bunch of hardcore bands will be playing and all proceeds will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation. 6pm $10. [fbook]

A night of music at the Hudson River Coffee House. A load of artists will be playing from 5pm-2am as a tour sendoff for Olivia Quillio and Meagan Duffy. Free. [fbook]

Sgt Dunbar, Barons in the Attic and Steer! at Valentines. 8pm [fbook]

Hellions of Troy vs The Skyland Roller Girls at Rollerama in Schenectady. 7pm $12. [fbook]