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For the love of jazz

Back in the day, I would percolate in some music culture to help drown out the noise from the day. Tuesday nights were jazz night at Justin’s. For me; jazz is best live or while soaking in a bath, as long as either scenario also involves a glass of red wine. This weekly jazz rendezvous
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Journey of awakening

Before you read this, throw on Moondance by Van Morrison. Ok once you have the music flowing, roll up and out to find yourself in another time. The age of bronze like tans, long hair and the phrase “keep on truckin” in someone’s back pocket. This is the state of mind you feel as you
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Get Your Snorkel On

I recently had the pleasure of swimming in Burden Lake to cool off. It’s pretty much a private lake. You gotta know someone to swim there. But there are ways to be incognito for a dip in that cool dark lake. The real end goal of this trip is to stop at Kay’s Pizza. The joint has choice
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The old world Freak Show comes alive

The popularity of freak shows in the mid 19th to mid 20th century were often associated with circuses and carnivals.  See top 10 human sideshow freaks here. Photo by Ken Jacobie To compliment C. RYDER COOLEY’S XMALIA, which hit Proctor’s main stage this past Friday, was a display of the 1910 era side show/freakshow.  Samson
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