KC’s Music Monday: Nobody Likes A Racist

Earlier this month, Nobody Likes A Racist debuted two tracks online via no record labels, no co-branding, no politics and “no reason not to – just two pals making music.”

With Dez on the mic and Trumastr providing the beats, this collaboration naturally came out awesome. I always appreciate when musicians are able to set aside their main projects and other endeavors to challenge their talents in new ways. It doesn’t happen enough.

The good news: this collaboration works well – and makes me want to hear more from the duo. Excuse my clear bias, but Dez and Trumastr have been two of several leaders in the local hip hop scene with mutual missions to consistently strive to set the quality bar high for local music, and it’s really refreshing for the two to team up to make music just for the fun of it.

“Rooting For Everybody” is my favorite of the pair, and discusses different elements of the hip hop scene in Albany with top notch lyricism and delivery. The beat is catchy, and fits the vocals well. “Morocco Portugal” compliments the project well, and is a nice contrast from “Rooting For Everybody.” Both are slam dunks in my book.

This Saturday, McGeary’s will host performances by Nobody Likes A Racist and Mic Lanny for the monthly EOM event – and also has been hijacked to double as my going away party. I will be relocating to Denver, Colorado at the beginning of March, but hope to continue contributing to KAB on occasion. Hope to see you there!


KC’s Music Monday: Rome Fortune – Small World

Recently Rome Fortune released his third project of the year – an 11-track EP titled “Small VVorld.” The album features production from Four Tet, Blood Diamonds and Bassnecter, as well as guest appearances from artists, OG Maco and ILOVEMAKONNEN, with the hopes to have some of the new talent that Atlanta is harboring represented alongside Fortune.

At first listen, I didn’t think this was an album for me. It has that abrasive, rough quality that, in this instance, grew on me quicker than I thought it would. Sometimes you just have to listen to filthy, haphazardly constructed rap music and get down with it.

This isn’t a perfect album. I ended up loving that about it. It’s got an edge to it where the imperfections simply aren’t flaws, they are subtly enhancing each track. There are certain times where the lyrical delivery seems forced or lazy or even unclear, and that ends up being part of the charm. Rome Fortune is having fun with his voice and his vision, while also delivering a bigger picture into the conversation, and that is clear from the tracks to the album cover.

Fortune spoke to Billboard.com regarding this EP, saying, “‘Small VVorld’ is an ideology I have that’s obviously a common saying, but at the same time is the truest way to test if you’re on the right path of life, in my opinion. If you’re doing it right, ‘it’ being whatever you prefer to occupy your time, you will always run into powerful presences [and] entities that can push you further with that passion or take it all from you. That’s what the album cover signifies in one image.”

Tracks like “Workin’ Gal” and “5 Second Rule” appear in the dead middle of the EP, and those were the two tracks that really sold me on the project. The production is spectacular and really shines alongside simple, repetitive patterns and hooks. “FriendsMaybe” is also a stand out track for me, and has both a club or radio quality to it (in the best way possible) and has a relatable story behind it.

Overall, this EP pleasantly surprised me. You can check it out below, available for free download.

KC’s Music Monday: J57

If I was a musician, after finishing a project, I’d probably allow myself take some time to relax before starting the next one. And that’s one of maybe thirty reasons why I’m not a producer or rapper. Brooklyn-based J57, of the Brown Bag All Stars, just happens to be both. And he puts the work in.

I always personally enjoy when an artist breaks into another element of creating – such as a DJ learning production or a rapper getting into more than just rocking the mic. It’s all about putting passion into learning your craft inside and out, and J57 is living proof there’s nothing wrong with being well-rounded in the studio these days.

I also really appreciate the “no days off” vibe I get from all members of the Brown Bag All Stars. After all, you get out of it what you put into it – in this case, it’s a multitude of amazing tracks. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that with the BBAS (much like with our music scene in the 518), there is a solid and visible balance between independent projects and group endeavors, and support for every effort from both the members of the group and those listening alike. It’s hard to keep up, really, and that definitely holds true with J57.

Today, URB Magazine debuted a new track by J57 titled “Heisenberg Blue” which is this pretty instrumental that holds a large, cinematic feel before turning into a tease by ending quicker than I’d have liked. Luckily, the track is part of an forthcoming “freEP” presented by URB Magazine, titled 0057: FlaskLIFE, so there will be more to look forward to in the near future of this capacity.

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KC’s Music Monday: HORSE – Giant Gorilla Dog Thing

After finding an opportunity in a normal conversation with Mitch, of Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, to quote back his own lyrics to him, it dawned on me that I’ve spent way too much time listening to their new album to NOT put together any words out there about it. And that I’m a total fangirl nerd sometimes. (Not a new realization).

I’ve been listening to this album on the daily ever since I got my hands on a copy of the 2XLP back on the release date March 28th. HORSE is available in both vinyl and digital formats courtesy Pig Food Records, and also is available at Fuzz Records if you haven’t picked up a copy yet. After GGDT worked on this album for the past year and a half, maybe two years, I’m fairly confident in saying that they are beyond happy to take a little break from listening to this sucker and to finally be able to let others in on listening to their beats, raps and secrets.

Quite often these days it seems as though artists on both an independent and mainstream level are too quick to release their music for a plethora of reasons and I’m glad that HORSE is not an example of that. Much respect to GGDT for releasing their album when the time was right, and for accidentally-on-purpose creating what will easily become my favorite spring, summer and maybe even winter, soundtrack. I mean, hell, I’m still listening to ERIC (which is totally free and amazing if you haven’t heard) on a regular basis.

In short, my friends are GREAT at what they do.

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Andrew’s Music Monday: Gorgeous Children, Future Brown

Future Brown is a club-music supergroup consisting of Fatima Al Qadiri of Fade to Mind, Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda, better known as Nguzunguzu, and J-Cush, the mind behind NYC label Lit City Trax and curator of many-a-night at the late 285 Kent. I’ve caught a few of their tunes throughout a few mixes (namely the Night Slugs show on rinse.fm) and I knew that there had to be more to the story than someone just started making these tunes. I was right.

Gorgeous Children is a rap duo out of Olympia, Washington and Denver. These two dudes have been making rap tunes which consist of essentially trapped out witchhouse with a layer of rap, covered in a ton of reverb. Shouldn’t be a hard sell for anyone into swisha house or club music.