Music released by Albany-area artists during Covid

Brendan generously wrote in with a list of music that’s been released by local artists since March. I thought his idea was great, so I expanded on his list a bit. If you’d like to submit your release to this list, submit here!

Wet Specimens – 4 hits from HeLL

Allyson Smith – Carter Creek Choir

Oddy Gato – While You Were Sleeping

Willoughby J. Morse – together, forever​/​/​together, apart & sistrs only lvr


Maggot Brain – Illumine

The Purple Stuff – Ask Again

Male Patterns / Executors Split 7″ EP

After The Fall – Resignation

JB aka Dirty Moses – Die Tonight ft Masai and Ice T

Concrete – Free us from Existence

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing – Baths with Geese

Yawning Earth – Profiteers

Dog Man Pizza Party – Stay Dead & Supa-Stah


Architrave – This Perfect Day

Crisis Actor – Isolation

The Jagaloons – Knock You Up

Upstate Mixtape Vol. 1

Upstate Mixtape is a compilation of musicians and artists hailing from the Capital Region of NY. This mixtape is part of antiracist grassroots fundraising efforts, spearheaded by Jammella Anderson. 100% of the proceeds of this compilation album will be redistributed back to the Black musicians and artists who contributed to it. We carefully selected the white musicians that were asked to be a part of this project as being in line with our values of antiracism and commitment to amplify Black voices.
Songs contributed here are anything from demos, to B-sides, to album loose ends to showcase the multifaceted musicians from the 518.

1983 – Saturday’s Child

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