Xs to Os Vegan Bakery closing its doors Saturday

From the announcement on facebook:

We have some rather unfortunate and abrupt news to share. Due to some major equipment issues and a few financial hardships, we will be closing X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery on Saturday, September 12th. I love this place so very much, but had to come to a very hard decision today as our oven is on it’s last leg (after a string of horrible things). I’ve done this bakery for almost 8 years, 2 years in my house and 6 in our shop, but haven’t really been able to pay myself much. It’s been a definite struggle to stay afloat financially with the small income I’ve been able to give myself because I just wanted it all to go back into the business. Sadly, I can’t live that way and it doesn’t make for a sustainable business either.
I’ve poured my heart and my soul into this lovely place and so many of you have helped make it wonderful. This bakery has had the most amazing people working in it…creative, loving, and wonderful souls and for that I am eternally grateful. I am grateful to you, our wonderful customers who have made it a real place in our community and have helped show that vegan treats are delicious. It has been extremely wonderful making so many awesome baked goods for our community and we thank you so very much for being a part of that.

A very sad day for a Capital Region vegan institution. If you know anyone with money and the desire to run a vegan bakery, get in touch.

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