Catching up with 518 music vol. 1


I’m guilty of being a binge-listener. To some degree, I always have been. When an album catches my eye – or rather my ear – I tend to chronically listen to it until I find the next thing to fixate on. In recent days, I can try to blame it on Kanye’s Yeezus, or Pure Heroine by Lorde or maybe even the latest from Balance & Composure, but it is what it is. I’m still not sick of any of these albums way too many listens later, but as a way to break my at-times terrible habit, I figured the best thing to do is to re-connect with new music on a local level (and share what I came up with on KAB, naturally).

Beneath the jump is a random selection of recent (or not so recent) tunes from the 518. Some of these bands have shows coming up, so give a listen and make a note to keep tabs on who’s playing when and where. Feel free to leave a comment linking to whatever I’m missing.

Perhaps most recently (on my radar), The Pistolwhips released a split with Charmboy, with one new track and one album track from each band.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with what Built 4 BBQ is about, the Appetizer CD is a great place to become acquainted. On October 25th, the Built 4 BBQ crew is hosting a special Halloween showcase at Valentine’s that you won’t want to miss.

Titanics recently released a music video for their track “Low Frames” off of their album Soft Treasure, and the track is also available for download courtesy of Bandcamp.

This Saturday, there’s a show at Valentine’s where I’m looking forward to catching all of the acts. On the bill you’ll find Start The Reactor, Aggressive Response, and Tentacles with comedy by Andykevin. I’ve also been seeing flyers for this show everywhere I walk downtown – meaning there’s a good chance you have too. Become acquainted before Saturday:

Bonus: Peep the @SAWFAN666 Aggressive Response review.

Another show I’m really looking forward to is on October 10th (also at Valentine’s) with the Doppelgangaz and locals Elsphinx, DJ White Lotus, Oddy Gato and DJ Trumastr. The Doppelgangaz, based out of New York, released their latest back in March but I just recently discovered it and have had it on repeat. (At least these repetitive plays support ndependent music!) Seriously check their album:

Phantogram, the once-upon-a-time 518 residents, also have announced a tour date at UCH on December 7th, in advance of their new EP. The EP is currently available on iTunes. Tickets go on sale on sale this Friday and the duo is also slotted to appear on Jimmy Fallon this Thursday night. Phantogram hasn’t played in the area in ages and it’ll be great to catch them live again.

The latest from the Sub-Bombin label comes from signee Mitochi. The label also recently announced that they’ve added Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest to their roster with new music forthcoming. Excited for that, love catching up with Sub-Bombin.

Trife Life, of Cohoes, recently played at Bogie’s alongside Twitching Tongues and Drug Church. I’m bummed I missed this one, but at least it led me to this:

They also have a pretty sweet Cohoes/High Life t-shirt design I may have to snag at some point.

Additionally, this Thursday, PJ Katz and the Fat Buckle Band are filming a music video for their song “Life of the Party” at the Chill Point with DJ Trumastr. I couldn’t find much of their music out there online but I love catching this band play and highly recommend you check ’em out if possible.

PJ Katz is also one of my all-time favorite producers of the 518 and beyond, if you haven’t checked out his work, I’d suggest starting with Ear Food Vol. 1 courtesy of Pig Food Records. A second volume is also rumored (on Twitter) to be in the works. Really looking forward to that, if it happens!

To round out this edition of playing catch-up with local music, Daimyo recently put out his debut LP “Blessed Relief.” I’ll likely be revisiting this one writing-wise once I spend a bit more time listening to it, it’s great. Big ups Daimyo.

If you are interested in potentially having your album reviewed, please feel free to send it our way via email.

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