Beckett’s Film and Jean Genet’s Un Chant D’Amour to be screened at EMPAC

EMPAC’s A Door Ajar screening series kicks off this Wednesday with Beckett’s Film (1965) alongside Jean Genet’s Un Chant D’Amour (1950), with a talk from film theorist and curator, Ed Halter.

From the event website:

Hailed by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze as “the greatest Irish film, Film was commissioned and produced by Grove Press’ Barney Rosset, directed by Alan Schneider, and features the cinematography of Academy Award-winner Boris Kaufman. The screenplay was written in 1963 and filmed in New York in the summer of 1964. For the shooting, Samuel Beckett made his only trip to America. Film has received numerous awards, including the Film Critics’ Prize at the 1965 Venice Film Festival, the Special Prize at the Oberhausen Festival (Germany) in 1966, and the Special Jury Prize at the 1996 Tours Festival (France).

If film is your thing, this event is for you.

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