Basilica Hudson hosting workshop presented by Guy McPherson


Basilica Hudson, is an artist owned and operated reclaimed 19th-century factory that was turned into an art and event space. For those of you who haven’t yet visited, the venue is seasonally operated and has already began its summer season for this year, kicking off with its third-annual Ramp Fest a couple weeks ago.

This weekend, Basilica Hudson will feature scientist and survivalist Guy McPherson who will give a presentation and host a workshop focused on durable living in the 21st century.

This Friday, McPherson will share clips from the new documentary, “Somewhere in New Mexico at the End of Time” during his presentation on global climate change, energy decline and durable living.

The workshop will continue on Saturday, May 18th with a guided, exploratory walk along the waterfront in Hudson and will focus on discussing ways we can protect and preserve our natural environment.

“We can secure clean water. We can secure healthy food. We can secure the means to maintain our body temperature at a safe level, and we can develop and maintain a decent human community. These are the elements we need to thrive.” – Guy McPherson

For more information about Basilica’s events, such as their weekly movie screenings, their third-annual music festival and weekend-long film festival BasilicaScope, please visit Basilica Hudson’s website for full details.

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